Jennifer Stahl's Dirty Dancing Role: Photos & Details from Her Scenes

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Jennifer Stahl became a trending topic online as fans revisit her role and scenes from the hit 1987 romcom Dirty Dancing.

The late actress hit the peak of her acting career with a role as a featured dancer in Dirty Dancing before she was tragically murdered 14 years later.

She then became the subject of the Netflix documentary Homicide: New York, started by Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, which dives into recollections of her death and others in the Big Apple over the years.

Jennifer Stahl's Role in Dirty Dancing

The first episode of Netflix documentary Homicide: New York, which originally premiered on March 20, examined the circumstances behind the Carnegie Deli massacre from 2001 that left five people dead.

One of those people was former dancer and actress Jennifer Stahl, who was tragically killed when she was only 39 years old.

Jennifer Stahl modeling pictures in Homicide: New York
Jennifer Stahl

Along with other roles in Firehouse and Identity Crisis, perhaps the most notable performance of Stahl's career comes in 1987's Dirty Dancing, in which she was a supporting dancer credited as "Dirty Dancer."

Dirty Dancing scene
Dirty Dancing

Stahl first appears in the scene set to The Contours' "Do You Love Me" as fans see her wearing a dark striped shirt, a black belt, and grey pants shortly after  The blonde-haired dancer gets down and dirty with a couple of different partners, and she's also seen grooving next to Patrick Swayze's Johnny Castle.

Dirty Dancing scene
Dirty Dancing

She later joins another partner behind Castle in the "Love Man" sequence as he shows some of his dancing expertise to Jennifer Grey's Frances "Baby" Houseman.

Jennifer Stuhl in Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing

Stahl appears again at the movie's end wearing a blue dress with black polka dots as she and the rest of the cast embrace the final iconic dance sequence set to "Time of My Life."

Jennifer Stuhl in Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing

In the massive group shot featuring Swayze and Grey front and center, Stahl is only a few feet behind Swayze as she puts her dance skills on display.

Jennifer Stuhl in Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing

In total, Stahl only has a few minutes of screen time in Dirty Dancing between these various dance sequences.

Homicide: New York is currently streaming in full on Netflix. Dirty Dancing is available to stream with a subscription to Hulu and a premium subscription to Amazon Prime Video.

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