James Gunn Comments on His Wife's Potential Role In His Superman Movie

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James Gunn Superman Emilia Harcourt

Superman: Legacy writer/director James Gunn revealed if his wife's DC character, Emilia Harcourt will have a role in the upcoming DCU film. 

Since marrying Gunn in September 2022, The Suicide Squad actress Jennifer Holland has continued to pop up in a number of the filmmaker's projects and other DC films (a franchise Gunn is set to take over), including Peacemaker and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The actress' recent appearances in a number of DC movies (namely Black Adam and Shazam 2) - and his propensity to work with his brother Sean - have caused some fans to accuse Gunn of nepotism

However, the director has remained adamant, saying he has "nothing to do with the casting of any other movie" besides his own.

One blockbuster the Guardians director will have his fingers all over the casting of is Superman: Legacy, in which some have wondered if Holland will appear.

Emilia Harcourt's Potential Superman Role

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Replying to fans wondering if his wife Jennifer Holland will appear as Emilia Harcourt in Superman: Legacy, director James Gunn revealed that she is not. 

Posting on his personal Threads account, when prodded on the subject, Gunn noted, "No she [would not appear]:"

Q: “Will Harcourt appear in Superman Legacy?

Gunn: “No she won’t.”

This confirms that her character in The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker Emilia Harcourt won't appear, but doesn't rule out Holland making an appearance.

There is always the chance of Holland appearing/cameoing as another character in the DCU kick-off film.

Jennifer Holland's DC Future

Jennifer Holland now has four DC appearances under her belt, but it will be interesting to see just how big a part of the franchise she will be going forward. 

Holland's character, Emilia Harcourt, and the government agency she worked for (known as the NSA) have become increasingly important in the story the DCEU is telling. 

Of course, all that could change as the franchise heads toward its incoming reboot from James Gunn and Peter Safran. But it feels like - despite her seemingly not appearing in Superman: Legacy - Harcourt is going to continue to play into the super-powered franchise. 

In 2022, Holland starred as a part of Peacemaker on HBO Max. It has been revealed that a second season of the R-rated comedy is on the way from DC, and surely, Holland's DC hero will play a part in that series when it finally hits the streamer.

More imminently, Harcourt could also be a part of the upcoming Waller series. The DC show is set to be the first live-action project of the new DC Universe and will focus on Viola Davis' Amanda Waller, the in-universe boss of Holland's Harcourt.  

So, even if Jennifer Holland does not show up in Superman: Legacy, it seems as though she will have her fingerprints all over the DC story going forward both on the big and small screen. 

Superman: Legacy is set to release on July 11, 2025. 

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