James Gunn's DC Reboot Gets Exciting Release Update From Frank Grillo

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Given the strikes in Hollywood, some had wondered if James Gunn's DC reboot would hit its reported 2024 release, but new star Frank Grillo has quelled fans' worries. 

Before Gunn's DCU kicks off its big-screen run with 2025's Superman: Legacy, a pair of super-powered streaming series will seemingly get things started, serving as somewhat of an appetizer for what is to come for the franchise. 

The first of these shows, Creature Commandos, has been rumored to debut in 2024. Voicework on the project is supposedly finished, with Gunn offering fans a simple "yes" when asked if recording on the title was finished. 

But given the ongoing job action of both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG), that 2024 release for the streaming series has come into question amongst the DC faithful. 

Creature Commandos On Track for 2024

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According to Creature Commandos actor Frank Grillo (who plays Rick Flag Sr. in the animated series), James Gunn's DC reboot is still on track to kick off in 2024. 

Grillo shared "No delay for Creature Commandos" in a post on his personal Instagram Stories (via House of DC on X, formerly known as Twitter) after some had begun to worry the project would be pushed due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood (despite animated projects not being affected by the strikes).

The post featured a screengrab of a news story, seemingly confirming Creature Commando's 2024 release date, to which Grillo responded enthusiastically. His caption reads as follows:

"No delay for 'Creature Commandos.' All ready to go as per James Gunn. I'm so pumped to see this."

Given Creature Commandos is set to be the first project released from Gunn's reimagined DC world, the series sticking to 2024 would, in turn, mean the DCU reboot will as well. 

Gunn previously said the series was set to release sometime in 2024, coming to the Max streaming service. 

The animated DC show has seemingly been in production as far back as February 2023 (when Gunn's DC reboot was unveiled). And, as of August 2023, recording on the title had been completed. 

This means fans may see Creature Commandos sooner than later, with a potential release in the first half of 2024 in play for the series. 

What Could Be Delayed From Gunn's DC Reboot?

Just because Creature Commandos is looking primed to get the ball rolling in the new DCU sometime next year, that does not mean the rest of Gunn's DC reboot is safe. 

Creature Commandos has the luxury of continuing production during the writers' and actors' strikes (with animated work falling under the Animated Actors Guild), but the rest of Gunn's super-powered slate sadly cannot. 

That means that unless a resolution to the job action in Hollywood can be found soon, fans may be waiting for quite some time for the next DCU project after the release of the R-rated animated streaming series. 

The two most immediate titles that will be impacted by the strikes are Superman: Legacy and Waller

After Creature Commandos, Superman: Legacy was going to jump-start the DCU on the big screen. However, given the strikes, work on the film cannot go on. 

It was previously reported the David Corenswet-led Kryptonian epic was eyeing a January 2024 production start date. With no end in sight for the strikes, that could be pushed back, meaning its July 2025 release date will be as well. 

And the Waller TV series falls into that same category. The R-rated TV series focused on Viola Davis' DCU government official, Amanda Waller, looked to be poised to hit Max sometime in the Fall of 2025, but if it cannot get in front of cameras any time soon, it could be pushed back. 

As of now, those two projects feel like the most at risk of a delay. Everything else on the DCU slate is still so early in development, that yes, there is the chance they get delayed, but with no official release dates having been announced it feels unlikely.

Creature Commandos is set to hit Max sometime in 2024. 

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