Invincible Season 2 Gets Exciting Post-Credits Scenes Update from Creator

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Invincible's Season 2 just got an exciting update about its post-credits scenes.

Post-credits sequences have become a key element across many forms of media thanks to their success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They're a fun little additional tease that can easily be placed at the end of every story—even if it's unconnected from the core story audiences just followed.

Season 1 of the animated series was filled with many of them, which would usually show up in the middle of the credits. In fact, that's where one of the show's most iconic brutal moments occurred: the slaughter of the Guardians of the Globe.

Thankfully, the habit of including these post-credits bits will continue for Season 2.

Invincible Creator Teases Season 2 Post-Credits Scenes

During an interview with PaleyFest, Invincible creator Robert Kirkman talked about the upcoming Season 2 and gave an exciting update on the show's post-credits scenes. 

First, Kirkman teased how  "any kind of crazy, interesting idea that comes up," the team felt "emboldened to kind of dive and go for it:"

“Going into Season 2, it’s led to us doing more of that risk taking and really any kind of crazy, interesting idea that comes up, we’re emboldened to kind of dive and go for it, because of how people responded to a lot of those wild swings in the first season. So, if people think that… And now I’m making people think that Season 2 is going to be super weird. It’s not. If you like Season 1, you’re gonna love Season 2.”

When asked what some of those wild swings from the first season were, Kirkman pointed to the "two security guards talking about nonsense" in the show's opening minutes:

“I mean, opening the show with two security guards talking about nonsense for like four minutes… The Kahor beat at the beginning of Episode 5… where you’re just in Egypt, and there’s this like mummy guy coming back to life, and then it’s like, ‘We’re not doing that. Later…’ Just stuff like that. There’s a lot of different ways into the episodes."

The creator then blatantly teased that "every episode has a [post-credits scene" where they "tease an upcoming story or a comment on something that happened:"

"Almost every episode of season two kind of has like its own little intro that takes you into the story in a different way. And, just different things with our [post-credit scenes], because every episode has a [post-credits scene], where we tease an upcoming story or a comment on something that happened. We’re just doing a lot of interesting things with all of that stuff.”

When asked by moderator Dan Casey if the show will maintain the code in Season 2, Kirkman responded, "Oh yeah."

Kirkman did clarify that every now and then, an episode will "[end] so brutally" that there won't be a post-credits scene:

“Every now and then, there will be an episode that ends so brutally, it’s like, ‘We’re not doing a [post-credit scene]. We can’t come back from this.’”

Omni-Man, Invincible

How Will Season 2 Utilize Its Post-Credits?

Since post-credits scenes are a staple of the superhero genre, and Invincible is partially a satire targeting those stories, it makes sense that Robert Kirkman would want to keep the post-credits trend going.

After all, post-credits scenes are simply fun—fans love them.

So, what might fans be able to look forward to with Season 2's exciting end-of-episode tags? Well, using the slaughter of the Guardians of the Globe as an example, perhaps some bigger brutal moments will be saved for those last-minute shocks.

There are some great particular moments in the comics that could serve as fantastic post-credits scenes: Allen the Alien learning about his newfound strength after nearly dying, Dinosaurus blowing up Las Vegas, introducing Nolan's new family to audiences, and more.

The series could also slowly catch viewers up on upcoming storylines before they arrive, such as the invasion of the Sequid, the new brutal Darkwing, and Angstrom Levy's Multiversal plans.

Invincible Season 2 premieres on November 3.

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