Immaculate Movie Online Digital Release Date Revealed, When Will It Stream?

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Immaculate, Sydney Sweeney

The online digital release date for Sydney Sweeney's new horror movie, Immaculate, was made public as fans wait for it to make its streaming debut.

Directed by Michael Mohan, Immaculate features Sweeney as a young woman tied deeply to her faith who is invited to live at a picture-perfect Italian convent. Quickly after that, however, she learns about the true horrors hidden within the convent's walls, as she mysteriously becomes pregnant.

Immaculate hit theaters worldwide last month on March 22 after an initial premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 12.

Immaculate's Online Release Date Confirmed

Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate

The X account for When To Stream confirmed that the Neon-distributed Immaculate will be available for purchase online digitally starting next week on April 16.

As of that date, fans will be able to purchase or rent Immaculate on VOD platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Google.

This marks a short 25-day gap between the horror movie's theatrical debut and its online digital release date.

When Will Immaculate Begin Streaming on Hulu?

With Immaculate coming from Neon, Immaculate is most likely being prepped for a release on Hulu when it begins streaming on a subscription service, only leaving questions about its specific release date.

For comparison, 2023's Infinity Pool (also a Neon movie) debuted in theaters on January 27 before making its digital debut on February 14 and arriving on Hulu on June 5. This totaled up to a 129-day gap from theaters to streaming.

Next on the list was How to Blow Up a Pipeline, which hit the big screen on April 7, digital marketplaces on May 2, and Hulu on August 24. That marked 139 days from its theatrical premiere to its Hulu debut.

Lastly was Anatomy of a Fall. That movie came to cinemas on October 23, digital stores on December 22, and streaming on Hulu on March 22, 2024. This had the longest theatrical-to-digital-to-streaming timeline at 161 days.

If Immaculate follows the same release pattern as another horror film like Infinity Pool, the new movie could be held off of Hulu until sometime in late July, possibly July 29.

Should it be held back even longer the way Anatomy of a Fall was, fans may be waiting until the end of August, possibly August 30, to see Immaculate available to stream on Hulu.

Taking Sydney Sweeney's star status into account as one of the most famous actresses on Earth (courtesy of projects like Euphoria and Anyone But You), Neon may look to capitalize on her pull with fans for as long as possible, squeezing every drop of juice they can out of the film at the box office.

Therefore, the better guess on Immaculate's streaming debut would likely be the latter of those predictions, although it is difficult to nail down for now considering that date is still a few months away at least.

Immaculate is now playing in theaters worldwide, and it will be available for purchase online on Tuesday, April 16.

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