First Look at Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Claws In Action In Deadpool 3 (Photos)

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Deadpool Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Newly released set photos revealed the first look at Hugh Jackman sporting his iconic Wolverine claws in Deadpool 3.

In an official photo that went viral across the globe, Jackman took to Instagram to show off his new bright yellow suit, heavily inspired by the comics and animated series.

Following an avalanche of set photos, including Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool fighting against Wolverine, it appears this was a marketing move to get ahead of the leaks.

Wolverine Back With Iconic Claws

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Fans may still be waiting on his headpiece, but newly released set photos showed off Hugh Jackman's adamantium claws in action.

This high-intensity battle between Deadpool and Wolverine looks like something directly off of a comic book page: bright colors, sharp weapons (some growing out of their hands), and (assumably) quippy dialogue.

Wolverine won't only be on the attack, as the following image shows Jackman using his leveled-up claws as a shield against Deadpool's katana.

Similar to a comic book panel, the following post displays the close-combat action between the two heroes.

Wolverine Is Ready for War in Deadpool 3

Matching perfectly with the stunning yellow and blue suit design, these fully functioning claws are ready to give Wade Wilson the business.

As previously confirmed, this Wolverine is from before the event of Logan, likely an alternate Variant from an adjacent timeline.

This means don't expect any performance issues as seen in 2017's hit X-Men solo movie. Jackman is back, in the MCU, and looking to kill Deadpool in these unofficial images.

The motivation behind the battle is unclear, but both super-powered stars should be at full strength that'll result in an entertaining sequence on the big screen.

Deadpool 3 release in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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