Disney+ Celebrates Hugh Jackman's Deadpool 3 Costume Reveal With Fitting Post

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Disney+ just celebrated Hugh Jackman's new costume reveal from Deadpool 3's latest set photos.

For those who somehow missed it, images from the set of Ryan Reynolds' third outing with Wade Wilson recently made their way online, and they basically broke the internet.

The photos not only show Deadpool and Jackman's characters in full costume, but Wolverine is sporting a comic-accurate blue and yellow getup—a dream come true for many fans. In some of the images, the duo can be seen casually walking alongside each other, and others see them duking it out.

Disney+ Celebrates Wolverine's Role in Deadpool 3

In a new social media post on Twitter, Disney+ Spain celebrated Wolverine's arrival in Deadpool 3.

The account posted that "the merc with a mouth is always in good company," and that now's the perfect time for audiences to "review the latest and  adventures of #Deadpool."

Disney+, Deadpool 3

Alongside the words of excitement for Wolverine's role, Disney+ included a fitting image of Deadpool walking alongside friends he spent time with in the first two movies.

Deadpool 3

This is a clear nod to the recent images of Deadpool and Wolverine on set for the threequel in their brand-new costumes, where the two heroes can be seen walking alongside each other in a similar manner.

Deadpool 3, Wolveirne

A Comic-Accurate Wolverine Has Arrived

While the announcement of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine arrival in Deadpool 3 is one thing, putting him in his vibrant, completely comic-accurate costume is something else entirely. The world has been waiting for over two decades (23 years, to be precise) for a yellow and blue outfit—needless to say, it's about time.

Based on the immediate reaction from fans, the hype for this particular MCU project just increased exponentially.

It makes perfect sense that Disney+ would want to capitalize on all the anticipation by reminding the world to catch up on the first two Deadpool films before the threequel arrives.

Based on all the rumors regarding time travel and the TVA, and the set photos showcasing a massive destroyed 20th Century Fox logo, Deadpool's previous adventures look to be just as canon as any other MCU project.

Deadpool 3 is expected to release in theaters on May 4, 2024.

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