New Deadpool 3 Set Video Spoils Wolverine Fight Vs. Ryan Reynolds' Hero

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Deadpool and Wolverine together in Deadpool 3

New set photos show off Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool facing off against Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Reynolds lit up the internet in September 2022 when he first announced that Jackman would be returning to his X-Men role for the highly anticipated threequel. Fans were always vocal about witnessing their dynamic play out on screen, and now it's finally about to happen.

In fact, the world just recently got its first look at Wolverine’s bright, vivid, and accurate yellow and blue X-Men uniform he’ll be sporting for the movie—a look that the world has been begging to see for years.

Deadpool Vs. Wolverine

New photos from the set of Deadpool 3 show Ryan Reynold‘s Merc With A Mouth fighting Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

While there is no context given, the set piece is filmed on a beach and sees both characters in their comic-accurate costumes.

This particular portion of the stunt scene doesn’t seem to be going very well for Wade Wilson—at least he, like Logan, has a healing factor.

The two characters also share a rocky relationship in the comics, throwing fists and claws quite often. Though, there‘s rarely too substantial a reason to their bickering.

Though, one key connection betwen the two, is that they were both experiments of the Weapon X program.

The video of the encounter can be seen below, with some of the most exciting battle shots between 1:35 and 3:00:

What Are Logan and Wade Fighting About?

In-fighting between Wolverine and Deadpool was one of the first things teased during Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynold’s big announcement video. Though, fans probably weren’t expecting to get a tease of it so soon.

One would guess that this isn’t the only time the two heroes are at each other’s throats throughout the course of the film. Given their clashing personalities, it’s hard to truly guess what they might be bickering about at this particular moment.

One educated guess is perhaps Logan is angry at Wade Wilson for being pulled out of his original timeline. Not only is that something Deadpool would absolutely do, but it would line up with all the rumors involving time travel and the TVA’s involvement.

Sadly, fans still probably have quite a while before proper footage is released. If Marvel Studios were attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, which they aren’t, then that would have been the perfect place for a trailer or clip debut.

Hopefully, something will hit the web by the end of the year.

Deadpool 3 is set to release in theaters on June 4, 2024.

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