Hugh Jackman Addresses His Marvel Future Post-Deadpool 3 Amid Avengers 6 Return Rumors

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Hugh Jackman, Avengers

While Hugh Jackman is confirmed to play a huge role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, the actor recently teased where his future lies with the role, especially with Avengers: Secret Wars on the horizon.

Avengers 6 looks to be the biggest theatrical release in comic book movie history considering the rumors that have already come to light surrounding Multiverse Saga's last movie. The 2026 sequel has the unique opportunity to bring back dozens of heroes and villains from the past three decades of Marvel movies, giving fans the chance to see some iconic legacy characters alongside the MCU's best.

Jackman will be the latest of these legacy actors to make an exciting entrance into the MCU in Deadpool 3. And after that, he's already rumored to be in line for another comeback in Secret Wars.

But is a role in a Marvel Studios' Avengers movie on Jackman's radar?

Hugh Jackman Teases His MCU Future

Deadpool 3, Wolverine

Speaking on The Empire Film Podcast, Wolverine star Hugh Jackman addressed the chances of playing his role in the MCU in future movies after 2024's Deadpool 3.

When asked if he envisions his MCU role in Deadpool 3 as "a one-and-done," Jackman admitted that this is how he's looked at all of his Wolverine movies since the beginning. All he started with before 2000's X-Men was "a two-picture deal," and from that point forward, he's only looked at each movie one at a time as they come into development:

“I imagine every movie as a one-and-done. That’s how I see it. I’ll be honest, I had a two-picture deal at the beginning, but I still assumed it was a one-and-done. You know, back then, there were no comic movies. I just take it one at a time. I’m lucky in that way, I don’t have to think beyond that, but I think it’s the best way to go.”

Will Hugh Jackman Appear in Avengers 6?

Looking at Hugh Jackman's quotes regarding his tenure as Wolverine, he makes it clear that each new appearance is taken on a case-by-case basis, even with nine X-Men movies under his belt already. But with the actor now confirmed to return in Deadpool 3, the questions only naturally move to whether he'll play a role in Marvel Studios' most ambitious movie ever as the Multiverse is truly unleashed.

Rumors indicated that Marvel wants to pursue as many legacy characters as possible for roles in Avengers 6, going back through more than two decades of history and into movies made long before the MCU existed. Everybody from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men to numerous other mutant heroes from the X-Men saga, Marvel Studios intends on holding nothing back as Marvel's history is celebrated in this epic event.

With more than three years until Avengers 6 debuts in theaters, Marvel still has plenty of time to discuss things further with Jackman and other stars as this massive outing comes together. But for now, his role in Deadpool 3 is all that is confirmed to be in place right now, even though that news alone is sending fans into a frenzy as the Multiverse Saga continues.

Deadpool 3 will debut in theaters on November 8, 2024. Avengers: Secret Wars is set to arrive on the big screen on May 1, 2026.

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