Full Cast of High Hopes 2024 on Hulu: Meet the Real People Who Appear (Photos)

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High Hopes main cast members

2024's new Hulu series High Hopes brings a cast of characters to the forefront courtesy of the MMD cannabis dispensary.

Produced by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, High Hopes explores the world of legalized marijuana through the Medical Marijuana Dispensary (MMD), which is located in Los Angeles, California.

Consisting of six episodes, the new reality series made its debut on Hulu on April 20.

Every Cast Member in Hulu's High Hopes

Ahead is a list of the eight main people who make up the cast of Hulu's new reality series, High Hopes:

Mishka Ashbel

Mishka Ashbel in High Hopes
Mishka Ashbel

Instagram: @mishka.mmd

Mishka Ashbel is a key figure in High Hopes as the co-owner and founder of the MMD dispensary in Los Angeles, showing the world how this business works.

Episode 1 reveals to viewers that his father helps him run and operate the shop as he manages the various personalities that work under him and shop at his establishment.

Slava Ashbel

Slava Ashbel in High Hopes
Slava Ashbel

Instagram: @slavammd

Slava Ashbel partners up with his brother, Mishka, as the other co-owner and founder of the MMD dispensary.

Ashbel gives some insight into his and his brother's experience running a cannabis dispensary, commenting on times they were robbed and burgled early as business owners.

Jared Brady

Jared Brady in High Hopes
Jared Brady

Instagram: @enoyjaredbrady

Jared Brady is one of the salesmen at the MMD shop, who is often described jokingly and lovingly as the best-looking employee of the bunch.

Although he gets called out for his looks, people are shown to get flustered around him, and he expresses some insecurity about his appearance with his co-workers and customers. The Ashbels admitted to poaching him from a nearby taco shop to work for them.

Sumaiya Islam

Sumaiya Islam in High Hopes
Sumaiya Islam

Instagram: @sumi_boomin_mmd

Sumaiya Islam not only works at the MMD shop, but she is also Mishka's girlfriend and life partner.

Working as his right-hand woman at the shop, she expresses her lack of desire to trust anybody, opting to get things done herself rather than depend on anybody else. Additionally, she is passionate about working out and avoids drinking and smoking.

Morgan Chanel Lee

Morgan Chanel Lee in High Hopes
Morgan Chanel Lee

Instagram: @mo_lee25

Morgan Chanel Lee is one of the managers at the MMD shop, proving to be one of the company's most valuable employees.

Described as the resident badass of the group, she is a big fan of the company going down a more corporate path. Others describe her as somebody who sometimes takes things too seriously, although she often is seen as one of the more mature team members.

Dani Martin

Dani Martin in High Hopes
Dani Martin

Instagram: @imdanimartin

Dani Martin describes herself as the best seller in the company, marching to the beat of her own drum personally and professionally.

Known as a chatty person who does not lack confidence, she runs hot and cold emotionally, often getting into fights with other staff members. Some in the store believe she is a backstabber who does not put in the effort needed for her actual job at times.

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Freddie Miller

Freddie Miller in High Hopes
Freddie Miller

Instagram: @freddielynn91

Freddie Miller is the newest member of the MMD team, having just moved to California from Michigan to start his new job in High Hopes' opening moments.

Openly saying he smokes pot "for a living," he wants to try every kind of marijuana he can in his next endeavor. However, he draws concern from his bosses as they tell him he can't be high on the job, which he doubts he can do.

Uriel Valenzuela

Uriel Valenzuela in High Hopes
Uriel Valenzuela

Instagram: @snackdaddy_mmd

Uriel Valenzuela has had a difficult journey with MMD, taking on jobs as a bartender, assistant manager, handyman, plumber, delivery driver, and more before his current post as a security guard.

Not a fan of the company going corporate, his immediate bosses feel he has not been fired yet due to their father considering him to be family. He is seen eating behind the counter and is accused of coming into work high, continually putting his employment in jeopardy through the show.

All six episodes of High Hopes are available to stream on Hulu.

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