Who Is Dani Martin from High Hopes? 5 Things to Know About Hulu Star

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Dani Martin from High Hopes

High Hopes' Dani Martin becomes the latest hit reality star after her debut in the new Hulu series.

Produced by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, High Hopes takes a look into MMD Hollywood, the flagship location of a chain of cannabis dispensaries in California. 

The reality show embraces this shop's legacy following the legalization of marijuana in the state as it hopes to expand further across the country.

Having fittingly debuted on Hulu on April 20, Dani Martin is a marijuana enthusiast who has worked for years at MMD as she now takes the reality TV spotlight.

5 Things to Know About High Hopes' Dani Martin

Dani Martin in High Hopes

Dani Martin Started Smoking Weed From a Young Age

Speaking with Cannabis Talk, Martin revealed that she started smoking weed at an early age, unable to pinpoint exactly when she started

Q: "Not necessarily how old were you, but where were you and who hooked you up with cannabis for the first time? And tell me about that first experience? Where were you at Dani?"

Martin: "Honestly, it's been so long. I've been smoking for so long, so like as long as I can remember, l've been smoking. I can't really pinpoint the exact time, but I was pretty young and I definitely threw up a little bit after. Came back slinging the next day though."

Dani Has Been Working at MMD for Over a Decade

Martin started at her position with MMD as a "budtender" over a decade ago, commenting on how happy she is to show a look into this lifestyle.

In an interview with Nerds Rule the World, she commented on how they shot the project and then "we went back to [their] everyday lives" as if nothing had even happened:

"Oh my god, it’s been so exciting. We shot this and then we went back to our everyday lives working at the dispensary like nothing ever happened, and then it felt like, in the blink of an eye, everything just started coming out, and we’re super pumped to show the world what we actually do on a daily basis."

In another chat with Rich Girl Network, she made it clear that this is her life and that everyone in her life knows what she does, hoping to show the rest of the world a look into what she does:

"For me, this is my life, this was my life. I’ve been with MMD for about a decade, a little over, and it’s exciting for me to kind of show the rest of the world who doesn’t know me already what I do. Everyone that does know me, they know that I do this, they know I smoke, they know I go to a dispensary to work, and they know that I love it. I’m excited for everyone else to see it, even those that don’t smoke. I’m excited for them to see what goes on."

Dani is a Big Advocate for ALS Research

Martin is a proud advocate for research into ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), particularly after her mother passed away following her battle with it.

On her personal website, Martin details how cannabis "played a crucial role" in her mother's comfort during her final days, explaining how the experience made her more confident about its benefits:

"During my mother’s final days with ALS, cannabis played a crucial role in her comfort and well-being. Specifically, she found relief and solace in using CBD/THC oil on her muscles and under her tongue. This profound experience solidified my belief in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and ignited a passion within me to share its wonders with others."

She is "dedicated to partnering with the ALS Foundation," hoping to build donations through her website to help those who are suffering through ALS right now:

"To further support those affected by ALS, Dani’s Dank is dedicated to partnering with the ALS Foundation. Through direct donations made on our website, you can contribute to their important work and help us find better ways to assist those battling ALS. Together, we can strive for advancements in treatments, support, and ultimately, a cure."

Dani Posts Videos on YouTube

Dani enjoys a presence on social media largely through her YouTube page, which currently boasts just under 200 followers ahead of her appearance in High Hopes.

For the most part, her content is centered around her passion for cannabis and the overarching world of weed, including how she uses it and tutorials.

Some of her videos include topics such as detailing the differences between CDB and THC, making an ashtray from scratch, and even how to cook certain foods with marijuana leaves.

Following High Hopes' premiere on Hulu, fans should have ample opportunity to check out her channel as she hopefully continues building her brand from here.

Dani Has Her Own Merch Line

Also seen on Martin's website (Dani's Dank) is her own online merchandise shop, where she sells clothing adorned with her branding.

Based in Los Angeles, California, she expresses her "deep love and appreciation for cannabis" through her merch line, once again expressing how much it has transformed her life:

"I’m Dani Martin, the proud owner and operator of Dani’s Dank, a brand that thrives on the vibrant cannabis culture, based in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Since my early years, I’ve had a deep love and appreciation for cannabis, recognizing its incredible potential to enhance various aspects of life. It has been a catalyst for my creativity, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power it holds."

She hopes to "make a positive impact on the world" through her products with a goal of giving back to her community and pushing the cannabis industry to new heights:

"Dani’s Dank is more than just a brand; it is a platform for empowerment and a testament to my unwavering love for all things cannabis. Our mission extends beyond providing exceptional products; we strive to make a positive impact on the world. Through Dani’s Dank, we aim to give back to the community and contribute to the growth and advancement of the cannabis industry."

How to Follow Dani Martin Online

Those looking to follow Dani Martin online can do so on her Instagram (@imdanimartin), YouTube (@DanisDankco), and TikTok (@danisdankco) pages.

High Hopes is now streaming on Hulu.

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