Who Is Freddie Miller from High Hopes? 4 Things to Know About Hulu Star

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Freddie Miller from High Hopes

This is everything you need to know about High Hopes star Freddie Miller.

Jimmy Kimmel executive produces Hulu's High Hopes, delving into MMD Hollywood, the leading outlet among a series of cannabis dispensaries in California.

This reality series celebrates the establishment's history in the wake of marijuana legalization in the state while also aiming for nationwide expansion.

Premiering on April 20, Freddie Miller, a bonafide (and professional) stoner, steps into reality TV after grabbing Kimmel's attention.

4 Things To Know About High Hopes' Freddie Miller

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Freddie Miller

Freddie Miller Gained Popularity from Jimmy Kimmel

Freddie Miller gained popularity through multiple appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, initially landing a spot after being interviewed by the news following marijuana legalization in Michigan.

Following that appearance, Miller was back on the show to discuss his new job at a cannabis dispensary, his role as a "weed ambassador," and his experiences with various cannabis strains. 

During his third appearance, Miller joined a skit where Kimmel arranged a mock interview between Miller and the company's CEO, where he was impressed with his creativity and humor, ultimately securing one of the three internship seats offered.

Miller later talked to Sensi Magazine about his time on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

He mentioned that speaking with Kimmel "felt like I was talking to anybody" and that the host guided the conversation well as Miller "never felt an awkward pause or struggled to say something:"

"Talking to Jimmy felt like I was talking to anybody—even myself! The nerves that had been built up just died off, and I felt like I was talking to a friend. He’s very good at leading his conversations, so I never felt an awkward pause or struggled to say something." 

In addition, Miller added that he wishes he knew Kimmel "was going to ask me to run for president" as he would've been more prepared with a "Fred for Pres" campaign:

"I just wish I had known he was going to ask me to run for president, because I would have loved to have run with that. ‘Fred for Pres’ could have been a thing! And I will tell you, truthfully, in the interview I said, ‘I watched a movie once where a guy smokes a bunch of weed and becomes president.’ I have not been able to locate this film—if it exists at all."

Freddie's From Indiana, Not Michigan

Although Freddie Miller gained fame from his initial Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview clip in Niles, Michigan, it's worth noting that he originally hails from Indiana.

Miller told Leader Publications that his appearance on the show made him "a town hero" in Niles and that it "change[d] [his] life:"

"For a while in Niles, I was like a town hero. Everybody wanted to take pictures or knew who I was. I keep saying it, but it really did change my life."

He clearly has a lot to be thankful for following his national popularity. Milled said that he used to be just "a guy from Indiana:"

"I’m a guy from Indiana with experience in the RV industry. I was a janitor, and I was unemployed before I went on the Jimmy Kimmel show. I never thought I would be standing here, talking to [reporters] at my job at a dispensary. It’s crazy."

Freddie's Kimmel Appearance Led Him to His Dream Job

Freddie Miller's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! paved the way for his ideal role as a "budtender" at Cannavista Wellness.

In the interview with Leader Publication, Miller elaborated on how owner Rick Paniagua initially invited him as the shop's inaugural recreational customer. 

Now, Miller serves wholeheartedly as a devoted "weed ambassador," emphasizing his newfound appreciation for cannabis and its healing properties.

He told the outlet that "this is the best job" for him and his favorite part is "helping people find pain relief:"

"This is the best job, and I’ve learned so much. My favorite part about the job is helping people find pain relief and the right products for them."

Freddie Starred in a Jack in the Box Commercial

On April 20, 2022, Miller starred in a marijuana-inspired Jack in the Box advertisement.

The punchline was that 'Jack Loves Trees,' which promoted its Pineapple Express shake; the large size cost $4.20 on 4/20 and Jack in the Box 'will plant a tree.'

In the video, Miller is dressed as a tree and giggling while enjoying a large Pineapple Express shake. 

How to Follow Freddie Miller Online

Those looking to follow Freddie online can do so on his Instagram (@freddielynn91).

High Hopes is now streaming on Hulu.

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