Who Is Chloe Guidry? 4 Things to Know About Under the Bridge Actress

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Chloe Guidry

Following Under the Bridge's debut on Hulu, fans are flocking to learn more about leading actress Chloe Guidry.

Based on the true story told in 2005's Under the Bridge book, this series centers on a 14-year-old girl who goes missing after meeting her friends at a party, leading to a massive cover-up by those involved.

Alongside Oscar-nominee Lily Gladstone, Chloe Guidry embodies the role of Josephine Bell, something of a frenemy to Reena (the story's main character). She even plans the attack on Reena and invites her to the party where her life ends.

4 Things to Know About Under the Bridge's Chloe Guidry

Chloe Guidry
Chloe Guidry

Chloe Guidry's First Role Was in Joe Dirt 2

Chloe Guidry's first-ever acting role came in 2015's Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, with the Crowley, Louisiana native playing Dakota, one of Joe Dirt's three daughters.

Only seen for a few minutes of screen time, Guidry's young character is seen running with her parents and sisters as they try to escape a massive tornado.

Another scene sees her and her sisters haunting their father after Joe is knocked unconscious, all while he does his best to protect them from the elements.

Chloe Had the Perfect Prep for The Last Tycoon

In 2016, Chloe Guidry played a key supporting role in Amazon Prime Video's The Last Tycoon, portraying a character named Sally Sweet.

Made as an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's final unfinished novel, the show details 1930s Hollywood as it deals with the effects of the Great Depression and the ascent to power by Adolf Hitler.

The show centers on a studio executive whose career is on the rise, although he has to navigate a power struggle with his mentor and former boss along with the industry as a whole.

Guidry's Sally Sweet is meant to be a riff on real-world child star Shirley Temple as she makes appearances in four episodes.

Speaking with AfterbuzzTV at the show's premiere, she admitted to loving Shirley Temple, explaining how she would "watch her all the time when [she] was younger" before taking on this role:

"I used to watch her all the time when I was younger. When I was younger, I would think that she was me, and so I’d say 'Mom, how can I do that?' And it was really cool."

She also addressed the opening scene of the series, in which her character is picking her nose. Giggling at the question, she admits Sally is "kind of a brat" and "misunderstood sometimes," explaining how she "gets her way a lot" in the show:

"Yeah, well she’s kind of a brat, and she’s misunderstood sometimes, so she gets her way a lot, and so when people tell her what to do, she doesn't really like that. She’s very demanding, and when everything’s finished and done, she just comes out perfectly."

Chloe Infused Some of Herself into Her Under the Bridge Role

In Under the Bridge, Chloe Guidry embodies the role of Josephine Bell, something of a frenemy to Reena (the story's main character). She plans an attack on Reena and invites her to the party where her life ends, serving as a key antagonistic figure in the plot.

Speaking with Lauren Veneziani (DC Film Girl), the Under the Bridge actress addressed playing "such a complex character," explaining how much research she did for the role while also being able to bring a bit of herself to the character through her own experiences:

"I feel like it was definitely such a complex character, but unveiling those levels and those layers that she has and really diving into who she was, researching as much as you could but also adding a layer of yourself into that, going through whatever you went through into her own experiences was really important for me."

She also addressed the '90s setting of the show, calling it something "different" while noting how great it was to see so much interest in her character and others in the show:

"Yeah, I feel like it was definitely different. I live in the South, so it was a big change. But finding what they’re interested in in your character, but also learning other peoples’ characters was really touching for me."

Starring actors Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough also came up in the conversation, with Guidry praising both of them for being "genuine comforting people" as they guided her on set:

"Yeah, for me, they were such just genuine comforting people. It is scary going into something like this. When you have people like that, it really creates a welcoming space, and really finding that chemistry between each other was really important for me, and the connection of talking about whatever’s going on in your life, but really locking in when it’s time to was important."

Chloe Has an Adorable Dog Named Mae

As seen on her TikTok page, Guidry has an adorable puppy named Mae, who she regularly highlights.

Jokingly describing her as "a little hoarder," Guidry shows off Mae with her toys in the yard while sharing how she loves to wake her up and sleep with her in bed.

Along with pictures of the puppy alongside her father and in the bath, Guidry notes how Mae's favorite thing to do is go on walks as she is seen in the yard on a leash.

How to Follow Chloe Guidry Online

For those looking to keep up with Chloe Guidry through social media, fans can follow her Instagram page (@chloe_guidry) and her TikTok page (@chloe_annalynn).

The first two episodes of Under the Bridge are now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday.

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