Helluva Boss Season 2 Episode 9 Release, Story & Everything We Know

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Blitzo in Helluva Boss Season 2

Fans jumped back into the Hellaverse as Helluva Boss Season 2 triumphantly returned to YouTube; however, when exactly Episode 9 will be released remains in question. 

More than seven months have passed since the hit Hazbin Hotel spin-off was heard from. Thankfully, after an agonizing wait, fans saw the R-rated musical comedy came back with the eighth episode of its second season on May 31. 

While fans have been antsy for the rest of Season 2, series creator Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano has assured the Helluva Boss faithful that Season 2's last four episodes will come at a much quicker clip. 

When Will Heullva Boss Season 2, Episode 9 Be Released?

Blitzo in Helluva Boss
Helluva Boss

Yes, audiences were left in the dark for a long time regarding the release of the second half of Helluva Boss Season 2. 

However, now that the series is back up and running, the wait between episodes will not be nearly as long as it was between Episodes 7 and 8. 

Episode 8 debuted on Friday, May 31, appearing on creator Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano's YouTube channel as the rest of the series had before it. 

While a specific release date is unclear for Episode 9, fans do know it will come sometime in June. 

As a part of the Episode 8 announcement trailer (read about the full trailer here), the Helluva Boss creative revealed its release plan for the rest of the series, including a nebulous "June" demarcation for Episode 9 (subtitled "Apology Tour"). 

As for when in June Episode 9 will come specifically, that remains a mystery. 

Given how late in May Episode 8 hit, one can likely expect the next chapter in this maniacal musical to arrive later in the month to give Episode 8 time to breathe and not overwhelm the fanbase. 

This second-half of June release timing has been backed up by speculation by fans as well. 

As posted by the official Hellaverse X (formerly Twitter) page in the wake of Episode 8's release, an official Helluva Boss retail collection is headed to the series' online storefront on Friday, June 14. 

Some have posited that the release of this new merchandise could signal around when the Helluva Boss team is aiming for Episode 9 to debut, with the two events possibly being lined up to coincide (at least slightly). 

Typically, new episodes of Helluva Boss have debuted on Fridays, which would line up perfectly with the release of this new merchandise line. 

Not to say Episode 9's release is guaranteed on June 14, but it feels like a pretty good bet that will happen on or after that date. 

What Will Happen In Helluva Boss Season 2 Episode 9?

Episode 8 picked right back up where Helluva Boss Season 2 had left off in late 2023; however, the latest entry into the series did little to resolve anything. 

"Full Moon" (Episode 8's proper subtitle) dealt with everything falling around the series' main character Blitzo.

After months of inner conflict, and not treating both himself and the people around him all that great, the IMP employee may have finally crossed a line. 

Episode 8 ended with Blitzo being confronted by the regal Prince of Hell, Stolas, as the Hell-ish royal confessed having feelings for his fellow denizen of the underworld.

Blitzo did not take this too kindly, interpreting the outpouring of love as the sort of manipulation typical of the royal family in Hell. 

However, that did not seem to be the case, with Blitzo breaking Stolas' heart and thrusting him from the confines of his Hell-based abode. 

As the episode fades to black, Blitzo seems to have nothing and no one, as he has pushed just about everyone who cares about him out of his life.

Episode 9 will very likely follow directly up on this storyline of an isolated Blitzo. The new episode is titled "Apology Tour," which seems to be exactly what it will focus on. 

The seres' titular boss will come to grips with some of the decisions that he made, reconciling with the people in his life he has hurt. 

Is Episode 9 the End of Helluva Boss Season 2?

Thankfully for fans of Helluva Boss, Episode 9 will not be its last. 

Beyond Episode 9, three more episodes of the animated series have been confirmed for Season 2. 

Episode 10 is eyeing an October release date, Episode 11 in November, and Episode 12 in December. 

See a full list of remaining Season 2 episodes and expected release windows below:

  • Season 2, Episode 9 - "Apology Tour:" June
  • Season 2, Episode 10 - "Ghostfuckers:" October
  • Season 2, Episode 11 - "Mastermind:" November
  • Season 2, Episode 12 - "Sinsmas:" December

What might be worrying though, is no plans for anything after Season 2, Episode 12 have been made public. 

Series creator Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano previously posted online, saying she had a "set four-season story" for the Hazbin Hotel spin-off. However, that was written in May 2023, and a lot has changed since then. 

"'Helluva' is a very set four-season story. We are very far from the end but very determined to tell it one way or another."

In the time since her "four-season story" remark, Medrano debuted the highly successful Hazbin Hotel animated series on Amazon Prime Video

The streaming series proved to be a massive hit for both Medrano and Prime Video, earning the largest global debut viewership for a new animated title on the streamer. 

A second season of Hazbin is already in the works. If Season 2 proves to be as big of a success on the platform, it would not be all that surprising if Season 3 was greenlit and fast-tracked. 

This massive rise in popularity of Hazbin Hotel could potentially take away Medrano's attention from her YouTube-based spin-off Helluva Boss. 

At the time of writing, that does not seem to be the case, as Medrano and the Hellaverse creative team seem to be pretty reliable at making good on promises (like the mention of a four-season run for Helluva Boss). But it is something fans should be on the lookout for as Season 2 comes to a close by the end of the year. 

Helluva Boss Season 2 is available now on YouTube. 

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