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What's the deal with the wait for Helluva Boss Season 2, Episode 8's release?

Coming from Hazbin Hotel creator Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano, the popular animated web series has built up quite a cult following (much like Medrano's other projects). 

The R-rated web series takes place in the same Hellaverse as Hazbin Hotel and focuses on the IMP (Immediate Murder Professionals) - an imp-run assassination service offered in the fiery depths of Hell. 

When Will Helluva Boss Season 2 Episode 8 Be Released?

Helluva Boss Season 2, Episode 8 is expected to come out sometime in 2024. But when exactly might that be?

Episode 7 debuted on October 29, 2023, in what was called a "Musical Mid-Season Special." This ended a year that saw new Helluva Boss episodes released at a pretty good pace, with installments of the hit web series dropping roughly six to eight weeks apart starting in March. 

Shortly after the debut of Episode 7, the official Helluva Boss X (formerly Twitter) account teased something for December 2023, with many believing it to be news on Episode 8.

"a lil something special....coming this December"

That was, however, not the case. Instead, the social media post was setting up the debut of the "Just Look My Way" music video. 

In the time since Episode 7's release, series creator Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano has been busy promoting and releasing her Hazbin Hotel animated series on Amazon Prime Video, so that is likely why she has not confirmed when Episode 8 of the online spin-off will hit the web. 

Given Medrano is still knee-deep in Hazbin with Season 2 on the way (read more about Hazbin Hotel Season 2 here), it still could be quite some time before Helluva Boss Season 2, Episode 8 - which still has no official release date - sees the light of day. 

Recording for the second season of Hazbin has seemingly commenced, so that means Medrano may be a little more hands-off on that project at the moment, giving her time to focus on her other animated series. 

That could mean Medrano and the Helluva Boss creative team could hit the reported 2024 time frame for Episode 8, putting new episodes out by the end of the year (likely Q3 or Q4). 

What Will Happen In Helluva Boss Season 2 Episode 8?

Helluva Boss Blitzo
Helluva Boss

Not much is known about where the Helluva Boss Season 2 story will go with Episode 8, but there have been some hints. 

The biggest of these narrative nuggets fans have latched on to comes in the musical stylings Episode 8 will bring audiences when it does eventually come online. 

As revealed by voice actor Brandon Rogers (who plays Blitzo in the animated web series) on an Instagram Stories post in late 2023, Episode 8 will feature a duet between Stolas and Blitzo.

This will mark the first time Rogers' IMP founder will sing a song in the series and has fans thinking that by the end of the upcoming episode, a romance may bloom between the dueting demons. 

There are a few other narrative threads Episode 8 will likely tug upon as well. 

After having to work together again with his former childhood best friend, Fizzarolli, earlier in the season the continued reconciliation between him and Blitzo will also likely be on display as the series moves forward. 

Another plot point the rest of Season 2 will likely hit upon is IMP employee Moxxie's ingratiation into the Hell-based organization. 

After all that he has been through, being born to and having turned his back on one of Hell's biggest crime families, the IMP weapons expert got the chance to lead a mission for the first time earlier in Season 2. Perhaps even more responsibility will be thrust upon Moxxie in Episode 8 and further down the line as well. 

Is Episode 8 the End of Helluva Boss Season 2?

Some may be wondering with such a long wait between Episodes 7 and 8 of Helluva Boss Season 2, if there will be more of the series to look forward to beyond the upcoming installment. 

According to the series' Season 2 announcement, the show is supposed to run for 12 episodes. And as late as July 2023, that was still the case. 

On July 31, 2023, series creator Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano tweeted out an episode list for Season 2, including names for everything from Episode 6 to the finale in Episode 12:

"For some positivity I wanted to share the titles for the rest of 'Helluva Boss' S2! Enjoy!

206: Oops

207: Mammon's  Magnificent Musical Mid-Season Special (ft Fizzarolli)

208: The Full Moon

209: Apology Tour

210: Ghostf**kers

211: Mastermind

212: Sinsmas"

While nothing beyond that Season 2 finale has been officially announced, fans can likely expect even more from the series after this latest batch of episodes comes to an end. 

In May 2023, Medrano revealed she has a "set four-season story" for the animated series:

"'Helluva' is a very set four-season story. We are very far from the end but very determined to tell it one way or another."

Yes, circumstances always change, but given Medrano's apparent determination to "tell [the Helluva Boss story] one way or another," it seems highly likely she and the series' creative team see it through.

Helluva Boss Season 1 and Season 2 can be watched now on Medrano's official YouTube channel (Vivziepop).

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