Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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Fans just got their first indication of when Hazbin Hotel Season 2 may be released thanks to an Instagram Story from one of its stars. 

The R-rated animated comedy is rounding out its first season on Amazon Prime Video, letting fans dive deep into the demonic world created by YouTuber Vivienne Medrano. 

While audiences waited just about half a decade for Season 1, the promise of more was always on the horizon, with a two-season order coming from Amazon Studios and A24 (via Deadline) when the show was initially picked up.

First Hints at the Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Release Date

Thanks to an update from Hazbin Hotel star Erika Henningsen, the release date for Season 2 of the animated series may be on the horizon.

Henningsen (who plays series lead Charlie Morningstar) posted on her personal Instagram Stories during the week of January 22, teasing she was back in the booth recording for the second season of the R-rated musical. 

The story in question sees the actress posing behind a microphone, paired with the caption, "We back and I couldn't be happier" and a tag to the official Hazbin Hotel Instagram account:

Erika Henningsen Hazbin Hotel Season 2

While audiences knew a sophomore run was in the cards for Hazbin Hotel, this is the first real indication that recording work was being done on Season 2 and could hint at when it will eventually be released. 

Audiences last got an update on Season 2 by way of the show's first trailer back in September 2023. As a part of that trailer's description, the creators left fans a message, saying, "And guess what, Season 2 is confirmed too!"

So, it is safe to assume work on the second batch of episodes was being done at least as far back as that trailer's release. 

If the cast is recording lines for Season 2, a release could be coming relatively soon - or at least soon in Hazbin Hotel terms. 

Season 1 was a long and arduous wait for fans, getting pushed multiple times thanks to factors like the global COVID-19 pandemic and the 2023 SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. 

Given that Season 2 was never a question for the show (getting a two-season order from A24 and Amazon Studios back in 2020), one can expect production on the next set of episodes to be at least somewhat expedited.

Animation can take quite a bit of time to get right, which means an early 2025 release date for Season 2 could be possible but highly unlikely. 

A more realistic scenario is the Hazbin team takes 2024 and some of 2025 to work on Season 2, before releasing new episodes sometime in the second quarter of 2025. 

Will Season 2 Be the End of Hazbin Hotel?

While fans seem to be excited that the wait for Hazbin Hotel Season 2 will not be nearly as long as it was for Season 1, it may also be a bit disappointing, as the second season could mark the end of the Hazbin journey. 

As it currently stands, Amazon Studios and A24 only have two seasons of the R-rated musical comedy on the books, meaning nothing else is guaranteed. 

Some more cynical sides of the fanbase believe this two-season order was actually an effort for "algorithm churn" by taking one "16 episode season" and "split[ting] it in two" to give the illusion of a more "fleshed-out streaming offering" (via Reddit):

"I think it's just a cynical business move by Amazon. Order one 16 episode season. Split it in two. Claim you're giving shows a fairer shot even though you're just doing cynical algorithm churn just like Netflix. Pretend you have a fully fleshed out streaming offering while also cancelling every show that does passingly well."

For those who subscribe to this school of thought, the announcement of two seasons was just an attempt to get more juice out of the Hazbin Hotel orange over an extended period, supposedly splitting up a longer 16-episode season into two smaller eight-episode batches. 

However, if that was the plan all along, Hazbin Hotel is making a pretty good case for a potential Season 3.

Season 1 of the series was the largest global debut for a new animated series on Prime Video, according to the show's official X (formerly Twitter) account. 

It seems the already devoted Hazbin fanbase is growing by the week, and the show has proven to be a massive hit for the streaming giant.

If this continues, Prime Video will be all but forced to keep the show going as long as audiences (and the creators) show interest in it. 

This means if fans show up for Season 2 like they have been for Season 1, it seems highly likely the powers that be would greenlight even more from the R-rated romp. 

Hazbin Hotel is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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