Haunted Mansion 2023's Expected Disney+ Release Window Revealed (Report)

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Haunted Mansion Disney+

The Disney+ release timing for Disney's latest Haunted Mansion film has seemingly been revealed. 

Justin Simien's star-studded live-action take on the beloved Haunted Mansion Disney Parks ride is playing in theaters now, earning lukewarm reviews and a somewhat middling box office haul thus far. 

Haunted Mansion comes in a string of financial missteps for Disney this summer with movies like The Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny not living up to their earning potential for the studio. 

This lack of box office interest (aside from a few major exceptions) has been attributed by some to the general audience's growing propensity to wait for streaming instead of heading to the theater. This is also something that the studios have tried to curb by pushing streamer release dates further out. 

First Details on Haunted Mansion's Disney+ Release

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According to a new report, Disney's Haunted Mansion could hit Disney+ just in time for Halloween. 

In writing about the film's box office woes (earning a meager $24 million domestically in its opening weekend), Variety reported that the Justin Simien-directed blockbuster could be headed to Disney+ sooner rather than later. 

The outlet wrote that while a digital release plan for Haunted Mansion is yet to be revealed, Disney has recently released its films on VOD storefronts and Disney+ somewhere between 45 and 90 days after its theatrical debut. 

This would mean Haunted Mansion could come to Disney+ sometime in late September or early October. 

Seeing as the film opened on Friday, July 28, that 45-90 day window would put the film's streaming release sometime between September 11 and October 26. 

When Will Haunted Mansion Start Streaming on Disney+?

This report from Variety will almost surely have fans hankering to know exactly when Haunted Mansion will come to Disney+ exactly. 

The movie has obviously not lit the world on fire at the ticket window, so Disney's streaming timeline for the film will likely be moved up from what the studio had initially planned. 

As an example, the recently released Little Mermaid film came to VOD services a mere 60 days after its theatrical debut with no Disney+ release date having been announced as of yet. 

While The Little Mermaid did a little better at the box office than Haunted Mansion almost surely will (barring some miraculous turn of events), audiences should expect the spook-filled blockbuster to be available for purchase at home a little bit sooner. 

What will likely happen is around that 45 day-mark (September 11), Haunted Mansion should hit those same VOD storefronts. Then, a little bit later, say sometime in mid-October, the film will come to Disney+. 

Seeing as Disney commonly releases Disney+ content on Wednesdays, either October 12 or 19 feels like a natural fit for Haunted Mansion to debut on the service. 

Either of these dates could provide some great Halloween-themed synergy for Disney and the film, as audiences get into the spooky season they may be a little more willing to give Haunted Mansion a chance. 

Haunted Mansion is playing in theaters now. 

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