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After an extended delay, Hacks returns to Max for Season 3 behind an impressive cast of series rookies and veterans.

First hitting Max in 2021, Hacks tells the story of Las Vegas comedy legend Deborah Vance, whose career hits a standstill before meeting struggling writer Ava Daniels.

This leads to an often unhealthy relationship between them through the first two seasons, with things hitting a breaking point ahead of Season 3 as they go their separate ways.

The first two episodes of Hacks Season 3 hit Max on May 2.

Every Character & Actor in Hacks Season 3

Jean Smart - Deborah Vance

Jean Smart as Deborah Vance in Hacks
Jean Smart

Real-world comedy and cinema legend Jean Smart leads the way in Hacks as comedian Deborah Vance, famous in this show for her long-standing run on the Las Vegas strip.

At the end of Season 2, Deborah enjoyed a career comeback after releasing a new comedy special, although she fired her writer, Ava, and went off alone.

At the start of Season 3, Deborah unexpectedly reunites with Ava while working on her next project, realizing that she may have made a mistake by sending away somebody so important to her career.

Boasting more than 100 credits to her name, Smart was seen recently in Babylon and Mare of Easttown. Other past projects include 24, The Accountant, and Kim Possible.

Hannah Einbinder - Ava Daniels

Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels in Hacks
Hannah Einbinder

Starring opposite Jean Smart in Hacks Season 3 is Hannah Einbinder, who plays Los Angeles-based comedy writer Ava Daniels.

Enduring plenty of toxicity from Deborah over the first two seasons, even amidst a great deal of success, Ava is moving on with her life after being fired at the end of Season 2.

Season 3 has the leading lady working as a staff writer on a Peabody Award-winning TV comedy series called On the Contrary. She is also in a loving relationship with her girlfriend, although their love is tested early in the first two episodes.

Other past credits for Einbidner include North Hollywood, How to Be Broke, and Julia.

Carl Clemons-Hopkins - Marcus

Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Marcus in Hacks
Carl Clemons-Hopkins

After playing a major role in the first two seasons, Carl Clemons-Hopkins returns to Hacks Season 3 as Marcus, Deborah's devoted (if reluctant) assistant.

Enduring plenty of emotional abuse from Deborah over the years, Markus is Deborah's closest confidant, and he also works as the Chief Operating Officer of her management company.

In Season 3's first two episodes, Marcus has a difficult task as he tracks down someone running an Etsy store that sells unauthorized merchandise using Deborah's likeness.

Fans can see Clemons-Hopkins' work in Candyman, Chicago Med, and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Paul W. Downs - Jimmy LuSaque

Paul W. Downs as Jimmy LuSaque in Hacks
Paul W. Downs

Paul W. Downs returns to his Hacks role as Jimmy LuSaque, Deborah and Ava's agent, complete with a bump to series regular in Season 3.

In Season 3, Jimmy continues to advance his agency to new heights, heading to Canada for a major comedy convention to see Deborah.

He even attempts to sign a new comic after sneaking into a party, pushing further past his comfort zone and escaping his parents' shadow.

While serving as an executive producer and writer on Hacks, other acting appearances on Downs' resume include Broad City, Rough Night, and Harley Quinn.

Megan Stalter - Kayla

Megan Stalter as Kayla in Hacks
Megan Stalter

Megan Stalter returns to the Hacks spotlight in Season 3 as Kayla, Jimmy's somewhat airheaded assistant whose father is Jimmy's boss.

Along with Downs, she is promoted to a series regular for this new season.

Never one to hold back her enthusiasm or penchant for a high-end lifestyle, Jimmy is again forced to work with Megan, although they still do not always get along.

Other major appearances for Stalter include Sometimes I Think About Dying, First Time Female Director, and Queer as Folk.

Mark Indelicato - Damien

Mark Indelicato as Damien in Hacks
Mark Indelicato

Returning for his supporting role as Deborah's personal assistant, Damien, is Hollywood veteran Mark Indelicato.

Damien continues working closely alongside Deborah early in Season 3, hoping to help her get her career back on track with new stories to use for jokes in her stand-up shows.

Indelicato is best known for his role as Justin Suarez in over 80 episodes of Ugly Betty. He is also seen in With Love, Dead of Summer, and White Bird in a Blizzard.

Rose Abdoo - Josefina

Rose Abdoo as Josefina in Hacks
Rose Abdoo

Deborah reunites with her estate manager, Josefina, in Hacks Season 3, and Rose Abdoo once again plays the role.

Rose can easily see how Deborah's new lifestyle is affecting her, and she spends Season 3's early episodes trying to get her boss to get some sleep so she doesn't crash and burn.

Abdoo is recognized for her roles in Gilmore Girls, Bad Teacher, My Best Friend's Wedding, and Good Night, and Good Luck.

Poppy Liu - Kiki

Poppy Liu as Kiki in Hacks
Poppy Liu

Nonbinary actress Poppy Liu reprises their role in Hacks Season 3 as Kiki, Deborah's personal blackjack dealer.

Throughout the first two seasons, Kiki serves as a confidant for Ava as she endures Deborah's terrifying treatment, and she flies to Memphis with Deborah in Season 2 after a few of Deborah's shows perform poorly.

Liu can also be seen in Dead Ringers, The Afterparty, Sunnyside, and Disney+'s American Born Chinese.

Kaitlin Olson - Deborah "DJ" Vance Jr

Kaitlin Olson as Deborah
Kaitlin Olson

Later in Season 3, fans will see Kaitlin Olsen rejoin the Hacks world as Deborah Vance's daughter, Deborah "DJ" Vance, Jr.

Struggling with an addiction to pills over the years, DJ and her mother's relationship is sure to evolve to new levels in future episodes, with things being quite complicated over the first two seasons.

Olson's resume includes high-profile roles in projects like Pixar's Finding Dory, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Vacation, and The Heat.

Christopher McDonald - Marty Ghilain

Christopher McDonald as Marty Ghilain in Hacks
Christopher McDonald

Expectedly, legendary Hollywood star Christopher McDonald is back in the mix for Hacks Season 3 to reprise his role as Marty Ghilain, the CEO of the Palmetto Casino.

Only seen momentarily at the start of Season 3 thus far, Marty unveils a new Deborah Vance slot machine after the comic's exit, leaving fans curious about their relationship moving forward.

In 2023, McDonald took on a role in the MCU, playing secret Skrull Chris Stearns in Secret Invasion. Previous credits include Happy Gilmore, Thelma & Louise, and Harry's Law.

Lorenza Izzo - Ruby

Lorenza Izzo as Ruby in Hacks
Lorenza Izzo

Lorenza Izzo is back for her fifth and sixth appearances in Hacks as Ruby, who is now Ava's girlfriend as they build on their relationship in Los Angeles.

Ruby is an action star on TV with roles in major superhero projects, but Ava's reuniting with Deborah strains their relationship after the stories she's heard about Deborah.

Izzo's resume includes roles in Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood, Knock Knock, and Life Itself.

Helen Hunt - Winnie Lindell

Helen Hunt as Winnie Lindell in Hacks
Helen Hunt

Season 3 of Hacks introduces world-famous movie star Helen Hunt in a new guest-starring appearance as Winnie Lindell, which starts in Episode 1.

First seen at a party for major industry players in Canada, Winnie is the head of the network that airs Ava's On the Contrary series.

She has a quick interaction with Ava, Jimmy, and Kayla as they enjoy the party atmosphere, with Winnie making things awkward immediately for Jimmy in a limited interaction.

Hunt won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in 1998's As Good as It Gets. Her resume also boasts appearances in Twister, Mad About You, and Then She Found Me.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks

Multiple-time Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks will guest star in Hacks Season 3, although her role has not yet been revealed.

Hendricks is best known for her work in Mad Men, and she also starred in Ginger & Rosa, The Neon Demon, and Bad Santa 2.

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd in The Mandalorian
Christopher Lloyd

Also appearing in an undisclosed role in Hacks Season 3 will be fan-favorite actor Christopher Lloyd.

Lloyd is an icon thanks to his role as Dr. Emmett Brown in all three movies from the Back to the Future trilogy and others in The Addams Family and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He also had a guest role in Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

George Wallace

George Wallace
George Wallace

Appearing as himself in Hacks Season 3 is comedian/actor George Wallace.

Only taking a small amount of screentime early in the season, Wallace runs his own comedy club where he hosts Deborah for a show, in which the audience laughs at every word she says.

Wallace has a long career in Hollywood with credits in Batman Forever, The Ladykillers, and Mr. Deeds.

Tony Goldwyn

Tony Goldwyn
Tony Goldwyn

Coming into the equation later in Season 3 will be Tony Goldwyn, who joins the Hacks cast for a guest-starring spot in future episodes.

Outside of a recent appearance in Christopher Nolan's Oscar-winning Oppenheimer, Goldwyn's work can also be seen in Ghost, The Mechanic, and The Last Samurai.

Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky
Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky appears briefly in Episode 2 of Hacks Season 3, although his character is not officially named yet.

This role sees him play the manager of the Television City studio, where Deborah is brought in as a guest star on a late-night show. This leads to her guest-hosting the entire show when the host calls in sick.

Bucatinsky's past work can be seen in The Baker and the Beauty, Second Act, and Scandal.

The first two episodes of Hacks Season 3 are now streaming on Max. Two new episodes premiere on the streaming service every Thursday.

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