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Hacks Season 3 Finale characters

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Lisa Frankenstein star Kathryn Newton joins the star-studded cast of Hacks Season 3 Episode 9.

The Season 3 finale of the hit comedy series, "Bulletproof," sees Deborah embracing success in her career, but her relationship with her sister, Kathy, continues to suffer. Ava's career move takes the spotlight while Newton stars as Bella (aka Kayla's bully). 

Hacks Season 3 Episode 9 premiered on Max on May 30.

Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears in Hacks Season 3 Episode 9

Jean Smart - Deborah Vance

Jean Smart as Deborah Vance in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Jean Smart 

Jean Smart returns to lead the cast of Hacks as Deborah Vance, a longtime comedian who wants nothing but success for her career and the finale appears poised for her to take it. 

Deborah's pursuit of her dreams has allowed her to land the hosting gig for Late Night, but there are ramifications to that piece of success since it leads to multiple failed friendships with her sister, Kathy, and writer, Ava. 

Deborah and Kathy's harmonious relationship quickly comes to an end after Deborah chooses to make time for her career and not Kathy. 

Deborah's bond with Ava is initially going well, but the latter half of Season 3, Episode 9 shows Deb betraying Ava after it is revealed that she chose not to make her the head writer for her hosting gig.

Smart's notable credits include 24, Babylon, The Accountant, and Mare of Eastown.

Hannah Einbinder - Ava Daniels

Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Hannah Einbinder

Hannah Einbinder is back as brilliant scriptwriter Ava Daniels in the Hacks Season 3 finale.

Ava is on a high after Deborah says she wants her to become Late Night's head writer. 

However, Ava's celebration is cut short after she later finds out that Deborah (who has full hiring power for the show) decides to keep longtime scribe Steve as head writer and not move forward with Ava anymore. 

Einbinder can be seen in Julia and North Hollywood.

Paul W. Downs - Jimmy LuSaque

Paul W. Downs as Jimmy in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Paul W. Downs

Paul W. Downs brings Jimmy LuSaque to life in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9. 

Jimmy, who is Deborah's manager, helps Kayla navigate the return of her bully, Bellette. 

At one point, he even tells Kayla to not work with Belle because he can't stand seeing her bully her fellow manager.

Jimmy and Kayla's partnership comes to a halt after Kayla decides to walk out of everything since she is not sure if she has what it takes to become a manager (bullying appears to have taken its toll on her). 

Downs is best known for his role as Trey Pucker in Comedy Central's Broad City. The actor also has credits in Rough Night, Time Traveling Bong, and How It Ends.

Megan Stalter - Kayla

Megan Stalter as Kayla in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Megan Stalter

One of the highlights of Hacks Season 3 finale is Megan Stalter's performance as Kayla. 

Upon the arrival of her bully in the episode, it is clear that Kayla is uncomfortable with the whole ordeal after Bellette shares stories of how she bullied her in the past. 

Kayla, who is known for her comedic side, showcases her serious demeanor throughout the episode as she engages in a heartfelt yet intense conversation with Jimmy about her status as assistant manager. 

Stalter previously appeared in First Time Female Director, Cora Bora, and The Megan Stalter Show.

Mark Indelicato - Damien

Mark Indelicato as Damien in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Mark Indelicato

Mark Indelicato returns as Damien, Deborah's personal assistant. 

While still helping Deborah with her transition as the host of Late Night, Damien is devastated to know that Marcus is leaving to start fresh with QVC. 

Indelicato has several notable credits, such as appearances in With Love, ABC's Ugly Betty, and Hot in Cleveland.

Carl Clemons-Hopkins - Marcus

Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Marcus in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Carl Clemons-Hopkins

Marcus (played by Carl Clemons-Hopkins) is Deborah's main personal assistant. 

The finale reveals that Marcus is leaving for the QVC job and he helps Damien with the upcoming transition. However, Damien breaks down and points out to Marcus that he is not ready to become Deb's only personal assistant.

Clemons-Hopkins is known for his roles in Candyman, Chicago Med, and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Kathryn Newton - Bellette Donaldson

Kathryn Newton as Bellette Donaldson in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Kathryn Newton

Kathryn Newton joins the world of Hacks as Bellette Donaldson, a former Disney star who wants to pursue more serious roles. She is also Kayla's disgruntled bully. 

Right from the get-go, Bellette does not waste time in showing why she is the worst bully of all time after insulting Kayla several times. 

MCU fans may recognize Kathryn Newton for her role as Cassie Lang in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. The actress also appeared in Abigail, Lisa Frankenstein, Freaky, and The Map of Tiny Perfect Things.

J. Smith-Cameron - Kathy Vance

J. Smith-Cameron as Kathy Vance in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
J. Smith-Cameron

J. Smith-Cameron returns as Kathy Vance, Deborah's estranged sister. 

Kathy and Deborah manage to set aside their issues and start fresh in Episode 7, but it does not last long. 

While Season 3, Episode 9 still showcases a worthwhile bonding time for the sisters, Deborah chooses her career over her sister, leading Kathy to point out that she has been disrespectful during their supposed weekend together.

Smith-Cameron is known for her roles in Succession, Margaret, Man on a Ledge, and Vengeance.

Hal Linden - Cliff Biff

Hal Linden as Cliff Biff in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Hal Linden

Hal Linden is part of Hacks Season 3's finale cast as Cliff Biff. 

Cliff is a TV legend who serves as the executive producer of Late Night. Deb goes to Cliff to ask him why her previous hosting gig did not work out at first. 

He responds by pointing out that Deb's issues surrounding infidelity and arson were too much for the network (CBS) to handle at the time.

Linden has over 70 credits to his name, with roles in Barney Miller, You People, and Supernatural.

Helen Hunt - Winnie Landell 

Helen Hunt as Winnie Landell in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9
Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt appears in Hacks Season 3, Episode 9 as Winnie Landell, the head of the network which Ava's show airs.

Winnie is the one who tells Ava that the network has given Deborah full hiring power for the Late Night hosting gig, meaning that she can hire whoever she wants as head writer. 

This revelation ultimately leads to an intense confrontation between Deborah and Ava. 

Fans may recognize Hunt for her roles in Mad About You, Then She Found Me, and As Good As It Gets.

All episodes of Hacks Season 3 are now streaming on Max.

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