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With Season 3 approaching its end, many Hack fans wonder when Season 4 might be released.

The show follows a legendary comedian, Deborah Vance (played by Jean Smart), who realizes she needs help to keep her career alive. It turns out the best solution to that is teaming up with a struggling young comedy writer, Ava Daniels.

While their current dynamic is not the same at this point in the show’s run, the duo remains the heart of the show.

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When Could Hacks Season 4 Release?

Opening shot of Hacks Season 3 Episode 8

Currently, Hacks has not been renewed for a fourth season. So, more episodes are not guaranteed. 

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, co-creator and showrunner Paul W. Downs joked that they "can’t ever stop" working on the show, explaining how "[they’re] working on it regardless of what happens next."

In a separate conversation with WTHR, Downs confirmed that the show was "pitch[ed]… as five seasons:"

"Well, we never want to overstay our welcome, so we're always conscious of that, but I do feel like we want to tell the story and end the story the way we always envisioned. And when we pitched the show, we pitched the very last scene of the very last episode. So, to get there, obviously, there's a little wiggle room, but we did pitch it as five seasons."

He went on to note how the show’s future is "up to the audience" while also pointing out how good it is to see the audience "building every season:"

"Honestly, as much as it's up to us, it's up to the audience. As long as the audience is there, I think we'll be able to tell the story that way, but it really... you never know. Hopefully, people continue to be interested, and stream the show, and tune in. But that's why we are able to continue, is really because we do have a great audience, and the audience just keeps building every season."

If Season 4 were greenlit, audiences could probably expect new episodes to land in May 2025. Every season has debuted in May so far—with Season 3 getting a two-year gap due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes in 2022.

The final episode of Hacks Season 3 will be released on Thursday, May 30.

Hacks Season 4’s Potential Cast

Here are all of the cast members of Hacks who are expected to return for Season 4, though it likely would not be them all if more episodes are ordered:

  • Jean Smart - Deborah Vance
  • Hannah Einbiner - Ava Daniels
  • Carl Clemons-Hopkins - Marcus
  • Megan Statler - Kayla Schaefer
  • Paul w. Downs - Jimmy LuSaque Jr.
  • Rose Abdoo - Josefina
  • Mark Indelicato - Damien

Jean Smart - Deborah Vance

Jean Smart as Deborah Vance in Hacks

Jean Smart played the leading role of Deborah Vance, who is described as a legendary Las Vegas stage comedy diva. After having partnered with the younger comedian Ava Daniels for a while, she’s grown quite a lot throughout the series.

The latest episode saw Deborah receive an honorary degree—which was nice, but at the same time, she was forced to deal with some past problematic jokes of hers coming back into the public spotlight.

Deborah also got the job she was vying for being a late-night host.

Smart is known for her roles in Garden State, 24, and Babylon.

Hannah Einbinder - Ava Daniels

Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniel in Hacks

Hannah Einbinder plays Ava Daniels, a younger comedy writer. While the show began with her partnership with Deborah, Season 3 saw her branch out on her own in LA after being let go from her previous position.

In the most recent episodes of Season 3, Ava got a visit from her mother, played by Jane Adams.

The actress can also be seen in Julia, Strange Planet, and History of the World: Part II.

Carl Clemons-Hopkins - Marcus

Carl Clemons-Hopkins’ as Marcus in Hacks

Carl Clemons-Hopkins’ Marcus is a close confidant to Deborah Vance, as the two are good friends. Season 3 saw Marcus become the COO of her new company.

Some of Clemons-Hopkins’ previous roles include parts in The Chi, Chicago Med, and Candyman.

Megan Stalter - Kayla Schaefer

Megan Statlter as Kayla Schaefer in Hacks

While Megan Statlter’s Kayla Schaefer has had a rocky history in the show, she’s come out on top as the confident and competent assistant to Paul W. Downs’ Jimmy LuSquare Jr.

Kayla is the one who found out that Jack Danby always wanted to be silent movie star Fatty Arbuckle in a biopic—leading them to get that very movie up and running.

Stalter can also be seen in last year’s Problemista.

Paul W. Downs - Jimmy LuSaque Jr.

Paul W. Downs' Jimmy LuSquare in Hacks

Paul W. Downs’ Jimmy LuSaque Jr. is Deborah’s agent

To save Deborah’s chances of being a late-night host, it is up to Jimmy to get a new biopic off the ground so the current job-holder will leave to get his dream job. Surprisingly enough, he’s successful, leading Jack Danby to drop out of the running and take part in the Fatty Arbuckle biopic.

Downs is also the showrunner for Hacks, but he’s also lent his voice to both American Dad! and Harley Quinn.

Rose Adboo - Josefina

Rose Adboo as Josefina in Hacks

Josefina, played by Rose Adboo, is Deborah’s estate manager.

She might soon have more assets to manage as Deborah becomes a late-night host and her popularity rises. 

Adboo can be heard in the recent Netflix animated film Leo alongside Adam Sandler, but she’s also appeared in Saved by the Bell and Hulu’s Reboot.

Mark Indelicato - Damien

Carl Clemons-Hopkins’ as Marcus in Hacks

Damien, Deborah’s assistant, is played by Mark Indelicato, and with his boss sticking around, he is undoubtedly going nowhere in future hypothetical episodes.

Though, he will be faced with a completely new dynamic as Deborah becomes a late-night talk show host.

The actor can also be seen in Ugly Betty, White Bird in a Blizzard, With Love, and more.

What Could Happen in Hacks Season 4?

final shot of Hack Season 3 Episode 8

The biggest storyline in the series that will no doubt continue is Deborah’s new career as a late-night talk show host.

While the Season 3 finale will be the first full episode with Deborah in her new position, there will be plenty more story in that arena to follow when Season 4 arrives. Hosting a late-night talk show host is far from boring, and there’s bound to be plenty of shenanigans to deal with daily.

In turn, her new position will also lead to everyone around her being thrust into entirely new situations.

There is also the dynamic between the leading two ladies, Deborah and Ava, that will continue to grow and evolve. With Deborah achieving a big milestone in her career, now seems like a good time to introduce the big endgame for Ava’s journey.

Hacks' Season 3 finale airs on Thursday, May 30 on Max.

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