The Regime Season 2 Gets Disappointing Update from Creator

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Kate Winslet in The Regime looking disheveled

Fans will be disappointed to learn that HBO's The Regime likely won't receive a Season 2 thanks to an update from the show's creator.

Starring Kate Winslet, The Regime follows the chancellor of a nation in Central Europe that is crumbling from within.

The series first premiered on March 3, and the sixth and final episode debuted on Sunday, April 7.

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The Regime's Disappointing Season 2 Update

Kate Winslet in The Regime

The Regime lead star Kate Winslet and the show's creator, Will Tracy, sat down to speak with Variety regarding the show's future.

When asked about Season 2, Winslet admitted that "it would be so interesting," but that "there are many different ways" the viewer "could construe the finale:"

"It would be so interesting if there was a Season 2 where this all goes, but I think, for me, there are many different ways you could construe the finale and what happens."

The lead star then talked about how she "found the ending incredibly moving," and then went into more detail as to why:

"I found the ending incredibly moving. I feel the love that Elena and Zubak have for each other — that they should never have had for each other — was real, and becomes really sad. And you are totally sucked in by this love affair between these two misfits."

Creator Will Tracy also chimed in, making sure to state that there are no plans (as of writing) for the show to be renewed for Season 2, which will undoubtedly be disappointing for many fans.

Tracy did, however, agree that exploring Elena's rule under a shadow government could be promising, so although a Season 2 isn't currently being planned, it is always possible that it could eventually be in development.

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Will The Regime Season 2 Ever Come Out?

It is important to note that The Regime was always billed as a limited series, making it even more unlikely that Season 2 will ever be made.

However, when looking at some key statistics regarding the series, it would be hard for HBO to not want to continue on with the series.

For example, according to Television Stats, The Regime has consistently cracked the top 20 most popular shows since it was released on March 3, peaking at #2 on March 4, just one day after it premiered.

It currently sits at #55 on the popularity list, which is still rather high considering new episodes aren't airing weekly anymore.

It is also important to note that the show has an 8.23 engagement score as of writing, which is viewed as moderate engagement. However, like its popularity rank, The Regime's engagement score consistently shot up as new episodes were released.

At multiple points, it was able to boast an engagement score of over 15 (which is good engagement), and on March 4, it even had a score of 55.13 (which is incredibly high).

Just because The Regime was a popular and successful show doesn't mean that it will get renewed for Season 2, though. If the creator, other executives, and HBO feel as though it should stay a limited series, that is what will happen.

It is clear that they had a story in mind, told it (successfully), and then decided to call it quits.

So, while it performed extremely well for both HBO and Max, fans will be disappointed to hear that The Regime Season 2 will likely not happen.

All six episodes of The Regime are available to stream on Max.

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