Full Cast of The Regime on HBO - Every Main Character & Actor In Kate Winslet Show (Photos)

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The Regime HBO Cast

The Regime miniseries is the latest star-studded affair from HBO, featuring a packed cast of A-listers bringing the characters of this political thriller to life. 

The series comes from Succession and The Menu writer Will Tracy in his latest play on the prestigious TV network. 

Starring Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant, The Regime follows the final year of an authoritarian government, watching it as it falls around those who have benefitted from it. 

Here Is Every Character and Actor in The Regimes?

Below is a list of every main character and actor set to appear as a part of The Regime cast, with detailed filmography and character info to follow:

  • Kate Winslet - Elena Vernham
  • Matthias Schoenaerts - Corporal Herbert Zubak
  • Guillaume Gallienne - Nicholas
  • Andrea Riseborough - Agnes
  • Martha Plimpton - Judith Holt
  • Hugh Grant - The Leader of the Opposition
  • Louie Mynett - The Palace Manager’s Son
  • Michael Colgan - Leo Huber
  • Alasdair Hankinson - Malcolm
  • Donald Sage Mackay - Richard
  • Patrick Fusco - Director
  • Vinodini Patel - Minister
  • Danny Webb
  • David Bamber
  • Henry Goodman
  • Stanley Townsend
  • Rory Keenan
  • Karl Markovics
  • Pippa Haywood

Kate Winslet - Elena Vernham

Kate Winslet as Elena Vernham The Regime
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet stars as The Regime's central character, Elena Vernham. Elena is the Chancellor of the fictional European nation at the center of the series known for her tyrannical nature and complete disregard for the people she serves.

It is the autocracy that Winslet's character leads that is set to fall throughout The Regime's run, as her character races to grip onto the power that seems to be slipping through her fingers. 

Winslet has previously led two other HBO dramas Mildred Pierce, and Mare of Easttown, and she is best known for her work on films like Titanic, Avatar: The Way of Water, and The Reader (which she won an Academy Award for). 

Matthias Schoenaerts - Corporal Herbert Zubak

Matthias Schoenaerts as Corporal Herbert Zubak The Regime
Matthias Schoenaerts

Matthias Schoenaerts' Corporal Herbert Zubak stands alongside Kate Winslet's Elena Vernham, as a military man who catches the eye of Elena after gunning down some protestors speaking out against her regime. 

After his heinous act, Herbert joins Elena's staff as an aide, eventually engaging in a romantic relationship with the Chancellor despite her ongoing marriage. 

Schoenaerts can also be seen in The Danish Girl, Rust and Bone, and Red Sparrow

Guillaume Gallienne - Nicholas

Guillaume Gallienne as Nicholas The Regime
Guillaume Gallienne

French actor Guillaume Gallienne brings together Nicholas, the husband of Chancellor Vernham. While his wife is known for her iron fist and ruthless tactics, Nicholas is a little more soft-spoken, taking a liking to things like poetry and art. 

Gallienne's previous credits include Me, Myself and Mum, Maryline, and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

Andrea Riseborough - Agnes

Andrea Riseborough as Agnes The Regime
Andrea Riseborough

Anges (brought to life by Oscar-nominee Andrea Riseborough) is the palace manager in The Regime, standing alongside Chancellor Vernham.

In a world where Kate Winslet's authoritarian leader has fewer and fewer people on her side, Agnes stands as her closest collaborator, hoping to keep the Madame Chancellor in power as long as possible. 

Riseborough was nominated for an Academy Award in 2023 for her work as Leslie in To Leslie, and has also appeared in titles like Oblivion alongside Tom Cruise and 2014's Birdman

Martha Plimpton - Judith Holt

Martha Plimpton as Judith Holt The Regime
Martha Plimpton

Set to clash with Kate Winslet's Chancellor Vernham is Matha Plimpton as Judith Holt. Plimption's character is the U.S. Secretary of State, who amid the crumbling of the Vernham government seeks to protect American interests at all costs. 

Plimpton is best known for her work in The Goonies, Running on Empty, and Beautiful Girls

Hugh Grant - The Leader of the Opposition

Hugh Grant as The Leader of the Opposition The Regime
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant takes on the role of The Regime's leader of the opposition. Working directly opposed to Elena Vernham's authoritarian rule, it is the imprisonment of Grant's character that triggers calls widespread social unrest calling for Vernham's removal from office. 

A stalwart of cinema for over twenty years, Grant's previous credits include Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral

Louie Mynett - The Palace Manager’s Son

Louie Mynett as The Palace Manager’s Son The Regime
Louie Mynett

Louie Myneet plays the son of Andrea Riseborough's  Agnes (a.k.a. the manager of Chancellor Vernham's palace). 

In his young career, Mynett has also appeared in Chemistry of Death, Silent Witness, and The Man Who Fell to Earth

Michael Colgan - Leo Huber

Michael Colgan as Leo Huber The Regime
Michael Colgan

Michael Colgan plays Leo Huber in The Regime. Details on the character currently remain under wraps. 

Colgan can also be seen in HBO's Chernobyl miniseries as well as This England

Alasdair Hankinson - Malcolm

Alasdair Hankinson as Malcolm The Regime
Alasdair Hankinson

Alasdair Hankinson takes on the role of Malcolm in the HBO miniseries. 

Heralding from Macclesfield, Cheshire, Hankinson's other credits include The Lost King, Still Game, and Falling for Figaro

Donald Sage Mackay - Richard

Donald Sage Mackay as Richard The Regime
Donald Sage Mackay

Information remains scarce about Donal Sage Richard Mackay's The Regime character Richard; however, he is said to only appear in two episodes of the HBO miniseries. 

Mackay can be seen elsewhere in The Great Escaper, Eric, and BBC's The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies

Patrick Fusco - Director

Patrick Fusco as Director The Regime
Patrick Fusco

Taking on the role of Director is Patrick Fusco, while it is unknown exactly how Fusco's character plays into the series, one can assume he will be involved in the inner workings of Chancellor Vernham's regime in some way. 

Fusco's only other major acting credit is from one episode of AMC's Quiz miniseries. 

Vinodini Patel - Minister

Vinodini Patel brings to life a Minister in The Regime, assumed to be a member of the Vernham government in some way. In government, a minister is a member of a cabinet responsible for helping form policy in a specific nation. 

Patel's other work includes And Mrs and Wicked Little Letters

Danny Webb

Danny Webb The Regime
Danny Webb

Danny Webb joins The Regime in an undisclosed role. Webb is best known for his work in big-screen mega-hits like Alien 3, Robin Hood, and Valkyrie

David Bamber

David Bamber The Regime
David Bamber

David Bamber is yet another member of The Regime cast yet to have his character made public. Bamber can also be seen in The Bourne Identity, Miss Potter, and High Hopes

Henry Goodman

Henry Goodman The Regime
Henry Goodman

English actor Henry Goodman will also bring to life an unknown character in The Regime. Goodman also worked on Taking Woodstock, Private Parts, and The Saint

Stanley Townsend

Stanley Townsend The Regime
Stanley Townsend

It is currently unknown who exactly Stanley Townsend plays in this new political HBO miniseries. Townsend will be familiar to fans of The Libertine, The Current War, and Pixar's Cars 2

Rory Keenan

Rory Keenan The Regime
Rory Keenan

Rorya Keen is a veteran of the stage and screen, set to join the cast of The Regime. Keenan is best known for working on Ella Enchanted, Reign of Fire, and the Guard

Karl Markovics

Karl Markovics The Regime
Karl Markovics

Austrian actor Karl Markvics brings to life a currently undisclosed character in The Regime. Markovics' other work includes The Counterfeiters, Beat, and Resistance

Pippa Haywood

Pippa Haywood The Regime
Pippa Haywood

Rounding out The Regime cast is Pippa Haywood. The classically trained British actress has made waves on English TV in series like Green Wing and The Brittas Empire

 The Regime debuts on HBO and Max on Sunday, March 3. 

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