Who Is Gregory James Cohan? 5 Things to Know About Atlas Movie's Smith Actor

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Gregory James Cohan voices Smith in Netflix's sci-fi action flick Atlas, but there is so much more to know about the actor and his career.  

Directed by Brad Peyton, Atlas stars Jennifer Lopez as a data analyst on a mission to take down an evil artificial intelligence played by Simu Liu

But to do so, she is forced to team up with a friendly AI named Smith, voiced by Gregory James Cohan. 

5 Things to Know About Atlas' Gregory James Cohan

Described as David Harbour Meets Mark Wahlberg 

Born in New York City, 41-year-old Gregory James Cohan landed his first major acting credit doing voice work for Nick Jr.'s Team Umizoomi

Since then, his resume has expanded considerably with Atlas being one of his biggest roles to date. 

In response to the question of, "Who's Greg?" on his actor's website, the rising star described himself as "David Harbour meets Mark Wahlberg."

Gregory James Cohan Is an Actor Across All Mediums 

While Cohan has barely been performing for a decade, his actor's resume is surprisingly varied with roles ranging from the stage to the big screen, TV, and voice acting. 

For instance, in addition to starring in 2018's The VelociPastor, he's also appeared in Where There's Smoke, The Blacklist, NCIS: Los Angeles, Doom Patrol, Blue Bloods, and lent his voice talents to Red Dead Redemption II.

As for his stage experience, Gregory James Cohan performed in A Raisin in the Sun, Oliver, 12 Angry Men, and Romeo & Juliet

Gregory James Cohan Wasn't Supposed to Voice Smith

While Cohan voiced Smith for Atlas from the time production began, the original plan was for him to be replaced in post.

In talking with ComicBookMovie.com, director Brad Peyton revealed Gregory initially joined the cast as "a day player" and just to talk "to her during the scenes:"

"So, Greg came on to the movie as literally like a day player, like just a person who shows up, gets in the booth and just talks to her during the scenes. However, because he sounded the way I pictured him, I just treated Greg, like another member of the cast."

As time went on, the Netflix director realized audiences were "gonna fall in love with this voice:"

"I talked about Smith's arc, I talked about how he communicates with her in terms of this scene versus the middle of the movie versus the end of the movie, and by about halfway through the production, I realized, as soon as everybody sees this movie cut together, they're gonna fall in love with this voice, because everybody would come up and be like, he's great, where did you find him?"

Peyton went on to explain how there was no need to replace Cohan because he was "pitch-perfect in the role" and, like Smith, was there "just to help Atlas."

He also shared that the "movie benefits in a big way, because he [Cohan] was there for the whole ride, he was there from minute one."

Cohan Shared His Atlas Role With Ben Affleck

While Cohan was reportedly "pitch-perfect" as Smith, his voice was not the only one Jennifer Lopez heard during filming.

In talking with Entertainment Weekly about Atlas, actor Sterling K. Brown revealed that Ben Affleck, Lopez's husband, would occasionally "read the lines for Smith:"

"Every once in a while, Ben would read the lines for Smith. And I think the newlyweds, still very much in love, I think she just wanted to hear his voice. And so sometimes, the reactions that you got from her were because she was listening to her husband's voice."

Gregory James Cohan Knows 8 American Accents

According to Actors Access, Cohan's voice talents include the ability to perform in various accents.

In addition to an Irish, German, and British Cockney accent, Cohan can pull off eight American accents, including Texan, Boston, New England, Minnesota, Southern, Philadelphia, American Standard/General, and, since he was born there, New York. 

The Atlas star is also listed as having skills and experience in various sports and activities, including running, swimming, stage combat, biking and cycling, snowboarding, and even singing. 

How To Follow Gregory James Cohan Online

Those wanting to keep up with Cohan on social media can do so on Instagram (@gregcohan).

Atlas is streaming now on Netflix.

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