Gen V: How Many Episodes Are Left After Episode 7?

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After the shocking end of Amazon Studios' Gen V's seventh episode, some audiences might be left wondering just how many episodes the series still has left to air.

How Many Episodes Are Left in Gen V Season 1?

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The first season of Gen V will have a total of eight episodes, just like the first three seasons of Amazon Studios' The Boys.

This means that there's only one more installment left before Gen V's first semester is done. The eighth and final episode of the show's first season will be premiering on Thursday, November 2.

Like previous episodes, fans should expect the season finale to go live on Prime Video at around 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET.

What Does Gen V Have in Store for Its Finale?

This article contains spoilers for Gen V Episode 7.

The most pressing question for the finale is: what in the world is the team going to do now that Dean Shetty was murdered right in front of them? It's hard to imagine what the next step might be.

At the very least, the group is probably fractured beyond repair. Cate forcing Marie to let Shetty die won't be something they'll easily get over.

One thing that likely has many fans holding their breath is a proper cameo from everyone's favorite sadistic supe - Homelander. It would be hard to believe the show will finish its run without any sign of Antony Starr's villain, no matter how brief.

Perhaps Gen V will go one step further and bring Karl Urban's Billy Butcher in for a quick scene. After all, who else would Laila Robins' Grace Mallory have been speaking to on the phone?

Either way, fans will be in for one hell of a finale, even if it's hard to picture just what exactly the next entry will entail.

Gen V is now streaming on Prime Video.

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