Is Frozen's Live-Action Movie With Margot Robbie Real or Fake? 2025 Release Speculation Explained

By Lauren Rouse Posted:
Frozen Margot Robbie

Disney's fixation with transitioning its animated projects into live-action form has lead to some speculation that a Frozen live-action adaptation could be next in line with Margot Robbie in the lead. 

Frozen Live-Action Movie Rumors Explained

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Fans have been hoping for a live-action adaptation of Frozen since the animated film's release a decade ago, and now, a viral YouTube trailer has suggested that this may be in the works. 

The video posted by Darth Trailer seemingly shows Margot Robbie in costume as the ice queen, Elsa, and Kristen Bell reprising her role as Elsa's sister Anna, the character she voiced in the animated movies. 

Despite this video picking up steam online, with one million views and counting, it is unfortunately easy to pick as a fake. 

Footage from the trailer has been plucked from other projects including Once Upon a Time, which did adapt some of the Frozen characters into a live-action TV series. Other clips are identifiable from The Huntsman: Winter's War, which starred Emily Blunt as a queen with ice powers. 

Screen Culture also posted another convincing Frozen live-action teaser trailer with Robbie in the lead as Elsa. However, this one can also be determined as fake as it uses multiple clips of Anna from Once Upon a Time, where she was played by Elizabeth Lail. 

While these fan-made trailers are convincing, there is currently no truth to the rumors of a Frozen live-action movie featuring Margot Robbie. 

Trailers are typically a late-stage marketing technique used to promote a film in the months prior to its cinema release. If there was any credibility to these teasers, the news of Robbie's casting would be plastered all over entertainment news outlets. 

While the Barbie star does seem like a natural fit for the role, the actress hasn't given any indication that she would be interested in the part. In fact, Robbie told Deadline recently that she would be taking a break from acting for a while in order to focus on her role as a producer, so it seems very unlikely she will be starring in a Frozen movie any time soon.

Will a Frozen Live-Action Movie Ever Happen?

Disney is no stranger to transitioning its animated classics into live-action blockbusters. 

The past decade has seen live-action iterations of The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Pinocchio, just to name a few. 

However, the studio has been slower to adapt its more recent animated originals, with many hoping that the likes of Tangled, Big Hero 6 and Frozen would naturally be next in line for the live-action treatment. 

There is one thing that indicates this will happen. A live-action remake of Moana was announced during a Disney shareholders meeting in 2023. Dwayne Johnson was confirmed to reprising his role of Maui for the film and it currently has a 2025 release date, although Auli'i Cravalho will not be reprising her role as Moana.

One could argue that since Frozen was released three years before Moana, has an equally passionate fanbase, and made a bigger profit at the box office, it would seemingly be on Disney's radar for adaptation. 

At this point, it seems like a live-action Frozen movie is a matter of when not if. 

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