From Season 3 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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From, Boyd Stevens

Fans just got an update on when MGM+'s hit show From will look to have its Season 3 released.

From centers on a terrifying town in middle America that imprisons anybody who enters city limits, with its residents continually looking for an escape while trying to survive the surrounding forest.

Both of the first two seasons impressed Rotten Tomatoes critics with a 96% (Season 1) and a 92% (Season 2) Tomatometer score, and it was officially renewed for Season 3 in June 2023.

New Update on From Season 3 Release

From series poster

Hennessy Casting shared a new casting call for Season 3 of MGM+'s From noting that the series will begin filming in December, continuing through production until May 2024.

Additionally, series star Harold Perrineau further confirmed that production is nearing its starting point, sharing a post about the series from MGM+'s X page that encouraged fans to catch up on the first two seasons:

"As we head to film Season 3….make sure you’re caught all the way up!"

When Will From Season 3 Release on MGM+?

With From Season 3 now confirmed to begin production sometime within the next week, the big question now is when the show could debut on MGM+ after shooting and post-production are completed.

Canadian outlet Saltwire reported that Season 1 began its filming schedule in May 2021 before the series first debuted on February 20, 2022, on Epix, marking a nine-month turnaround for the first 10 episodes.

Season 2 (via the show's official press release) shortened that timeframe up a little bit, starting off production on August 29, 2022, and taking eight months in total for production before the series' return on April 23, 2023.

Assuming that Season 3 takes a similar amount of time to complete its own work, fans can expect From to return to the air in late Summer or early Fall 2024.

This update should be encouraging for fans, even with Season 3 starting off later in the year than its predecessors, with the writing strike not affecting the timeline too heavily as viewers wait to get back into this creepy and mysterious story once again.

The first two seasons of From are streaming on MGM+, and production on Season 3 begins in early December.

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