Chucky Season 3 Episode 5 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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Chucky is headed back into production, meaning fans may finally know when Season 3, Episode 5 will finally be released. 

Set in the world of the classic horror franchise, Syfy's Chucky series puts its titular murderous doll back into the mainstream. 

The TV show serves as a direct sequel to the seventh movie in the Child's Play franchise (titled Cult of Chucky), as Chucky re-emerges to torment a group of teenagers trying to grapple with everyday high school life. 

The first half of Chucky Season 3 initially aired on Syfy in October 2023; however, the latest batch of blood-curdling episodes was split in half as filming was interrupted thanks to the recently concluded SAG-AFTRA strike. 

Chucky Season 3 Part 2 Coming Soon

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As the Hollywood actors' strike comes to an end, production on Chucky Season 3 can resume, meaning the release of Episode 5 of the hit series is closer than ever. 

As reported by Deadline, the beloved Syfy series is "looking at a tentative late-November production start" for the second half of its third season. 

This means audiences may finally have some sort of indication as to when the bloodthirsty series will return to the small screen. 

Chucky Season 1 and 2 shared a roughly five-month production window (with Season 1 filming from March 29, 2021, to August 11, 2021 and Season 2 from April 20, 2022, to August 29, 2022). 

Given half of Season 3 has already been filmed (and aired), one can expect production to take somewhere around half the mark set by previous seasons. 

This would put the end of filming sometime around mid or late January 2024. 

Seeing as Seasons 1 and 2 both aired four months after their respective filming end dates, that would put Season 3 Part 2's premiere sometime in spring 2024. 

When Exactly Will Chucky Season 3 Be Released?

Chucky Season 3, Part 2 (which will start with Episode 5) is a unique circumstance amongst other TV series impacted by the writers' and actors' strikes of 2023. 

Seeing as half of the season was filmed before the work stoppage - and actually went ahead with airing - its release strategy going forward could look different than some of the other major series coming back with whole new seasons. 

With Syfy working to get Chucky back in front of cameras as fast as possible, fans can expect the series to return for the second half of Season 3 quite quickly. 

The series is estimated to air again on the network sometime in Spring 2024, but looking deeper, one can start to see when exactly it may drop. 

Traditionally, new seasons of TV or shows coming back from a mid-season break release in late February or early March. 

Given the expedited production schedule for Chucky, a February release could happen, but the first or second week of March feels like a more likely option. 

This would put the ending of Season 3, Part 2 in early April, which is when the spring/summer TV schedules usually begin to kick off. 

In the meantime, Chucky Season 3, Part 1 can be streamed now on Peacock

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