Full Cast of Foundation Season 2: Every Main Actor & Character In Apple TV Show

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Foundation Season 2's cast highlights several new characters and franchise mainstays in a whole new adventure. 

Created by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, the hit Apple TV+ series revolves around a group of exiles who have been trying to save the Galactic Empire by defying it. 

Foundation Season 2 made its premiere on the streaming service on September 24, 2021. In October 2021, Apple TV+ renewed the series for a second season, with it premiering on July 14, 2023. 

Every Actor & Character in Foundation Season 2 

1.) Jared Harris - Hari Seldon

Jared Harris as Hari Seldon, Foundation
Jared Harris

Jared Harris plays Hari Seldon, the most celebrated mathematician and psychohistorian in the universe. 

Seldon is a complex man who develops a new science called Psychohistory which allows him to calculate the future with immense accuracy. Seldon serves as the show's anchor, with his consciousness predicting the different crises that could ultimately lead to a full-scale rebellion against the Empire. 

Harris is known for his roles in Chernobyl, Morbius, and The Terror.

2.) Lee Pace - Brother Day

Lee Pace as Brother Day, Foundation
Lee Pace

Lee Pace stars as Brother Day, one of the long-running clone emperors of the Galactic Empire. Among his brothers, Day is the strongest and the most ruthless. 

The character serves as the big bad whom the rebellion is trying to take down. 

In a press kit obtained by The Direct, Pace reflected on playing a complex character like Brother Day, noting that the villain sees himself as someone who "bears this burden and obligation:"

“He is this human being who is called Empire, but I don’t think he sees himself as that. He sees himself as the man who sits in that seat, and the man who bears this burden and obligation."

Pace is best known for portraying Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel. The actor's other credits include The Fall, Soldier's Girl, and Driven

3.) Lou Llobell - Gaal Dornick

Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick, Foundation
Lou Llobell

Lou Llobell plays Gaal Dornick, a mathematician from the planet Synnax who serves as Hari Seldon's apprentice. Dornick is essential to Seldon's overall plan to preserve civilization and defeat the Galactic Empire.

In a press kit obtained by The Direct, Llobell shared the differences in her character between Seasons 1 and 2, teasing that Gaal has "a lot more control" in the sophomore run: 

“In season one, Gaal is very young and new, learning and absorbing everything. In season two, she’s a lot more in control, and she’s growing up. I look at myself in those first episodes in season one and then what I’ve done in season two, and I can’t quite believe that it’s the same person. It’s been fun to watch myself grow as much Gaal."

Llobell is known for her roles in The Voyagers and The Pilgrim

4.) Terrence Mann - Brother Dusk

Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk, Foundation
Terrence Mann

Terrence Mann portrays Brother Dusk, the oldest living member of the Galactic Empire's Genetic Dynasty and a retired Emperor. 

In an interview from a press kit obtained by The Direct, Mann teased what to expect on his return as Brother Dusk in Season 2: 

“We do more of a deep dive into the human condition and how critical it is for people to survive in certain situations that they get themselves into through no fault of their own. And we’ve introduced a bunch of new characters who  influence the outcome.”

Mann's past credits include Critters and Sense8.

5.) Leah Harvey - Salvor Hardin

Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin
Leah Harvey

Leah Harvey plays Salvor Hardin, Terminus' warden who has a mysterious connection to the Vault since she cannot be affected by the null field.

Season 1's finale concluded with the reveal that Salvor is actually Gaal and Raych's genetic child. As a result, Season 2 is expected to focus on the mother-daughter reunion between Salvor and Gaal after she awakens her in deep cryo-sleep on her home planet. 

Harvey is known for their roles in Fighting with My Family and the Les Misérables mini-series.

6.) Laura Birn - Demerzel

Laura Birn as Demerol, Foundation
Laura Birn

Laura Birn portrays Demerzel, a genius robot companion and loyal ally of the Galaxy's Emperor. 

Birn's past credits include Helene, Purge, and The Ones Below.

7.) Cassian Bilton - Brother Dawn

Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn
Cassian Bilton

Cassian Bilton plays Brother Dawn, the youngest member of the clone family who is next in line to become the galaxy's ruler.

Bilton's past acting credits include The Devil's Harmony and Shoal.

8.) Daniel MacPherson - Hugo

Daniel MacPherson as Hugo
Daniel MacPherson

Daniel MacPherson portrays Hugo, a trader from Thespis who is the Beggar's Lament's captain. 

MacPherson is known for his roles in Infini, Wild Boys, and Strike Back.

9.) Jairaj Varsani - Poly Verisof

Jairaj Varsani as Poly Verisof, Foundation
Jairaj Varsani

Jairaj Varsani plays the younger version of Poly Verisof, one of the colonists' children on Terminus who was saved by Salvor after getting close to the Vault.

Varsani's past roles include The Personal History of David Copperfield and Great Expectations

10.) Sandra Yi Sencindiver - Enjoiner Rue

Sandra Yi Sencindiver as Enjoiner Rue
Sandra Yi Sencindiver

Sandra Yi Sencindiver plays Enjoiner Rue Corintha, Queen Sareth I's loyal ally. 

Sencindiver is known for her roles in The Shooter, Shadow Boxer, and Backstrom

11.) Ella-Rae Smith - Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion

Ella-Rae Smith as Queen Sareth, Foundation
Ella-Rae Smith

Ella-Rae Smith portrays Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion, a queen whose main goal is to destroy the Galactic Empire. 

In a press kit obtained by The Direct from Apple TV+, Smith gave a hint of Queen Sareth's dynamic with Brother Cleon in Season 2: 

"Brother Day, Cleon, has decided to end the Genetic Dynasty by taking a bride, and he’s been auditioning candidates for a while before deciding that Queen Sareth is going to be his bride. She’s very young, and he feels he can steamroll over her, but she turns out to be a quite adept political operative who really gives him a run for his money.”

The actress is a newcomer in Foundation Season 2, and her past credits include Into the Deep, Sweetheart, and Clique

12.) Haqi Ali - Handman Hahn

Haqi Ali as Handman Hahn, Foundation
Haqi Ali 

Haqi Ali plays Handman Hahn, a character who is part of the Cloud Dominion under Queen Sareth's rule. 

In Season 2, Hahn joins Queen Sareth and Enjoiner Rue in their journey to Trantor for Sareth's proposed marriage to Brother Day. 

Ali is known for his roles in Jawbone, Waiting for the Barbarians, and Surge

13.) Alfred Enoch - Raych Foss

Alfred Enoch
Alfred Enoch

Alfred Enoch portrays Raych Foss, Hari Seldon's loyal aide who is well aware of his plans for the Foundation. He is also Salvor's biological father. 

Given that Raych was executed in Season 1, the character can still return through Salvor's visions in Season 2. 

Enoch is a British-Brazilian actor known for his roles in the Harry Potter franchise, How to Get Away with Murder, and Trust Me

14.) Isabella Laughland - Brother Constant

Isabella Laughland
Isabella Laughland

Isabella Laughland makes her Season 2 debut as Brother Constant, a notable member of the Foundation.

In Season 2, the character spearheads spreading the word of the Church of the Galactic Spirit. 

Laughland is known for her roles in Urban Hymn, Trigonometry, and Chubby Funny.

15.) Kulvinder Ghir - Poly Verisof

Kulvinder Ghir
Kulvinder Ghir

Kulvinder Ghir portrays the adult version of Poly Verisof. 

Considering that Season 2 takes place 138 years in the future, Poly is now the High Cleric of the Church of the Galactic Spirit. 

In a press kit obtained by The Direct, Ghir reflected on playing an older version of Poly and how it was drastically different from the character's younger self: 

“When Poly saw Hari, he was only 12 years old. Poly utilizes religion in the way we spread knowledge. It’s not in the sense of a supernatural belief, it’s the scientism of it all and the belief in Hari. But what it’s developing into and what the future holds for it is how to make it attractive so that Poly can gather the masses. Hari has been made into a prophet to sell the Galactic Spirit. In that way, he becomes divine in a sense, and is looked upon as a very godly figure."

16.) Dimitri Leonidas - Hober Mallow

Dimitri Leonidas as Hober Mallow
Dimitri Leonidas

Dimitri Leonidas portrays Hober Mallow, a former member of the Foundation who sets on a journey to find his luck elsewhere.

In the Foundation's far future, Hober is a well-known man known to many as the one who blew a hole in the Empire's hide. 

Leonidas is known for his roles in Tormented, Sinbad, and Rosewater.

17.) Judith Shekoni - She-Bends-Light

Judith Shekoni
Judith Shekoni

Judith Shekoni plays She-Bends-Light, a Spacer or an engineered being who operates the Galactic Empire's Imperial jump ships of its fleet. 

Shekoni's credits include Private Moments, Club Dancer, and Heroes Reborn

18.) Mikael Persbrandt - The Mule

Mikael Persbrandt
Mikael Persbrandt

Mikael Persbrandt portrays The Mule, the Warlord of Kalgan who is hellbent on destroying the Foundation and killing Salvor Hardin.

The Swedish actor is known for his roles in Beck, Sex Education, and In a Better World

19.) Ben Daniels - Bel Riose

Ben Daniels as Bel Riose, Foundation
Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels plays Bel Riose, one of the generals from the Galactic Empire. 

In a press kit obtained by The Direct, Daniels gave a brief summary of who Bel Riose is in Foundation Season 2: 

“Bel is a soldier through and through. His husband is Glawen, and they’ve been in a relationship for ten years, and married for eight. There’s a deep love and understanding between them both.”

Daniels' past credits include The Exorcist, Law & Order: UK, and Jupiter's Legacy

20.) Dino Fetscher - Glawen Curr

Dino Fetscher
Dino Fetscher

Dino Fetscher portrays Glawen Curr, a loyal ally of the Galactic Empire who serves the Imperial fleet and is the husband of Bel Riose. 

Fetscher is known for his roles in The Split, Years and Years, and for his upcoming appearance in Netflix's One Piece

21.) Rowena King - Kalle

Rowena King
Rowena King

Rowena King plays Kalle, a mathematician who managed to solve the Abraxas Conjecture with Gaal Dornick. 

King's credits include Darklands, A Perfect Day, and Trauma

22.) Jesper Christensen - Ducem Barr

Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen

Jesper Christensen plays Ducem Barr, a vintner and a collector of old books from the planet Siwenna.

Christensen is known for his roles in Casino Royale, Spectre, and Nymphomaniac.

23.) Oliver Chris - Director Sef Sermak

Oliver Chris
Oliver Chris

Oliver Chris plays Director Sef Sermak, the Foundation's leader on Terminus. 

Chris' credits include King Charles III, Green Wing, and Bluestone 42.

24.) Rachel House - Tellem Bond

Rachel House
Rachel House

Rachel House portrays Tellem Bond, the leader of the Mentalics on the planet Ignis. 

In Foundation lore, a Mentalic, also known as the Sighted, is someone who has the ability to read and shape the minds of others.

In a press kit obtained by The Direct, House teased that her character is being "hunted down" in Season 2: 

"Tellem Bond is somebody who has been hunted down and watched other people being hunted down for their abilities and talents. She’s gathered all of them on Ignis and trying to keep them safe because they have been hunted simply for being different."

House is known for her roles in Cowboy Bepop, Heartbreak High, and Amphibia

Foundation Season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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