The Flash Season 9 Teases Heartbreaking Death Scene

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The Flash, Grant Gustin as The Flash

Given that The Flash Season 9 is the final adventure of Grant Gustin's titular speedster, the show's teaser trailer might have already teased a major death of a DC character. 

The CW has been hyping up The Flash's final season, with President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz teasing that the upcoming Arrowverse episodes have "plenty of twists, guest stars, and surprises." This could hint that a major death will happen that could cause massive ramifications for the rest of Team Flash. 

Arrowverse shows' final seasons are no strangers to unexpected deaths. Supergirl Season 6 saw the demise of Lillian Luthor and William Dey, while Arrow Season 8 featured the death of Oliver Queen himself.  

Now, The Flash is looking to join the "major death" club. 

Who Will Die in The Flash Season 9?

Joe and Cecile West, The Flash
The CW

At the 0:21 mark of The Flash Season 9 trailer, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Jesse L. Martin's Joe West and Danielle Nicolet's Cecile Horton was revealed, with the pair breaking down in tears after seemingly witnessing a major death. 

This brief shot indicates that a close ally of Team Flash will die in Season 9, but who is it exactly? 

1.) Jenna West 

Jenna West, The Flash
The CW

Jenna was first on-screen during The Flash Season 5 when Nora West-Allen traveled back in time to meet Team Flash. Since then, the youngest of the West-Allen family household was only mentioned throughout the past three seasons.

In the current timeline, Jenna has already entered pre-school, meaning that she is already five or six years old by the time of the events of Season 9. 

Given that Joe and Cecile are clearly showing strong emotions in the clip, Jenna's death would be a devastating blow to Team Flash and could drive Barry to a relentless pursuit of her killer. 

2.) Wally West (Kid Flash) 

Wally West, The Flash
The CW

Wally West was last seen during The Flash Season 6 episode, "The Death of the Speed Force." The show's final season could bring back Kid Flash to help Flash against the arrival of Javicia Leslie's Red Death, but the villainous speedster's powers could prove too much against the pair. 

Kid Flash could potentially sacrifice himself to save Team Flash, leading to the breakdown of Joe and Cecile since the former is Wally's dad. 

3.) Caitlin Snow 

Caitlin Snow, The Flash
The CW

At the end of The Flash Season 8, Caitlin Snow successfully transforms into Killer Frost, but it is unknown if she is a friend or foe. Season 9 could reveal that Caitlin can still control her transformation as the DC villain, but could ultimately succumb to an evil Killer Frost. 

Joe and Cecile (and the rest of Team Flash) could witness Caitlin's essence disappearing for good, thus resulting in the brief clip from the trailer.

4.) David Singh

David Singh, The Flash
The CW

Following his retirement as captain of the Central City Police Department, David Singh has popped up several times to aid Team Flash and the West family. The Red Death's arrival could prompt Singh to return to the city, but he could be one of the victims of the villain's killing spree that led to Joe and Cecile's breakdown.

5.) Rosalind Dillon, aka The Top 

Rosalind Dillon, The CW
The CW

During The Flash Season 8, Cecile and Rosa Dillon (The Top) had a love-and-hate relationship that ultimately ended with both of them having mutual respect for one another. Given that the supervillains are returning in Season 9 to team up with the Flash against the Red Death, the Top could be one of the casualties of the villain's killing spree. 

Dillon's death could be why Cecile broke down too much in front of Team Flash. 

Watch the trailer below: 

Why The Flash's Final Season Needs Major Deaths 

It isn't surprising that The Flash Season 9 will feature major deaths since past installments have at least one demise. Still, the impact of such potential death will bring massive ramifications to Team Flash. 

Whoever gets killed in the midst of the Red Death's attack, or any villain for that matter, will likely push Barry Allen and Team Flash to the limit. It would also require them to take a step back and reassess the plan that needs to be executed to defeat such a nemesis. 

Whatever the case, Barry's final race will include devastating consequences that could last beyond Season 9.

The Flash Season 9 is set to premiere on The CW on February 8, 2023, at 8 pm ET/PT.

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