Final Fantasy 16 DLC: Release Date & Exact Time You Can Play Rising Tide

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Final Fantasy 16 DLC Rising Tide

With the release of Final Fantasy 16's Rising Tide DLC, fans will say goodbye to Square Enix's latest numbered entry into the long-running RPG series. 

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) was released on the PlayStation 5 back in June 2023 to mass acclaim, as the nearly 40-year-old video game franchise entered a new era, taking inspiration from the dark fantasy of Game of Thrones and The Witcher

Developer Square Enix followed up on the success of the base game with an extensive DLC plan. This follow-up content included two major DLC drops - Echoes of the Fallen (which was released in December 2023) and the forthcoming Rising Tide

When Will Final Fantasy 16's DLC Release?

The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy 16 will be released on Thursday, April 18, after more than four months since the game's last major content drop. 

Based on the release time of the previous DLC, Echoes of the Fallen is likely to hit PlayStation 5 consoles at midnight ET. 

This means fans on the west coast of North America will be able to enjoy the game in prime time, released at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 17. 

Here is a list of the expected release times in various parts of the world. 

  • Midnight ET - New York City
  • 9 p.m. PT - Los Angeles
  • 5 a.m. GST- London, England
  • 1 p.m. JST - Tokyo, Japan

How To Buy Final Fantasy 16's Rising Tide DLC

Final Fantasy 16's Rising Tide
Final Fantasy 16: Rising Tide

The Final Fantasy 16 Rising Tide DLC will be available to purchase on Sony's PlayStation Store and will require the base game to be installed. 

The Rising Tide DLC is a part of the FF16 Expansion Pass, which runs $24.99 USD and includes both the Rising Tide and Echoes of the Fallen DLCs.

It can be pre-purchased now for that price on the PlayStation store, allowing for any sort of pre-load period should Square Enix let gamers install the content early before it is made available. 

Echoes of the Fallen notably received a standalone release at its launch for $9.99 USD, so it is expected Rising Tide will receive the same treatment.

Those looking to get started on Rising Tide right at launch will have to complete some of the base game before getting into the DLC content. 

According to the official FF16 website, gamers will get access to the new quest after unlocking Origin as a destination on the world map and completing the "Priceless" quest in the main scenario. 

The "Priceless" quest becomes available about midway through the game, so those just getting started will have some work to do before getting access to the Rising Tide content.

What Will Be Included in Final Fantasy 16: Rising Tide DLC?

If Echoes of the Fallen was any indication, fans are in for a packed-to-the-gills experience in Rising Tide

The upcoming DLC drop will include a new Leviathan Eikonic ability set, new story content, locations, and boss fights. 

These new stories will take gamers to the region of Mysidia. This tropical jungle locale comes sporting new quests to take on, plenty of battles to get into, and the return of Final Fantasy XVI’s tonberries found in the ominous Aire of Hours. 

Also included is a new challenge mode for players to take on. Gamers can now venture into a virtual underworld, battling wave after wave of enemies to hone their skills and earn stunning rewards. 

As a part of the Rising Tide drop, the game's level cap will be raised as well, bumping the cap up to 60 on the base game and 110 in New Game+. 

According to Rising Tide director Takeo Kujiraoka, they are approaching this DLC like an "MMO expansion pack," packing in lots of content for players to enjoy (per Push Square):

"Our concept for 'The Rising Tide' was to approach it like an MMO expansion pack, and include all the elements that make up 'Final Fantasy 16.' There’s a new field area and village, new side quests, new equipment and abilities for Clive, fearsome bosses as well as an Eikon battle, and even endgame content that can be played after completing the DLC. There really is a lot of content packed in."

He said this final content release will make the game "richer" and "all the more satisfying to play:"

"For those coming back to 'Final Fantasy 16' for the first time in a while, it will no doubt feel like Valisthea has grown along with Clive’s story. If you’re playing 'Final Fantasy 16' for the first time, the overall game experience will be richer and all the more satisfying to play. The team poured all our efforts into creating something for the players who fell in love with the world and gameplay of 'Final Fantasy 16,' so I really hope people will pick it up and give it a go."

Arriving at the same time will also be an update to the base game, which includes changes such as (via PlayStation Blog):

  • Being able to return to a quest giver immediately with the new “Quick Complete” function
  • Icon updates for important character quests
  • A new Skill Set feature, which allows players to save up to five unique Feat and Ability sets
  • Abilities and Accessories adjusted for easier use
  • A new “Custom” controller type allows for freely customizable button layouts
  • Tone correction, screen effects, and more added to Photo Mode
  • Numerous new orchestrion rolls added

Will There Be More Final Fantasy 16 DLC?

The Rising Tide DLC will mark the end of Final Fantasy 16's post-launch roadmap. 

It is the last promised DLC expansion, making up the second part of the title's two-part post-release plans. 

In a conversation with Push Square FF16 director Takeo Kujiraoka confirmed this fact, proclaiming, "The narrative of Final Fantasy 16 has reached an end with this DLC:"

"The narrative of 'Final Fantasy 16' has reached an end with this DLC, The Rising Tide. The DLC development team was only able to make it this far because the fans let us know how much they’d enjoyed the main game. Thank you so much!"

This comes as the Final Fantasy 16 team moves on to new projects within Square Enix. 

Final Fantasy 16 is now available on PlayStation 5. 

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