V Rising's PS5 Release Gets Official Window: When Will PlayStation 5's Version Come Out?

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After months of waiting, fans finally have a PlayStation 5 release window for the upcoming RPG, V Rising.

After nearly two years of Early Access, the blood-sucking action RPG came to PC on May 8; however, fans continue to be in the dark in terms of an exact PS5 release.

The title comes from Swedish dev house Stunlock Studios and has been praised for its unique boss encounters and action role-playing combat. In just one week on PC, the game sold over a million copies, as players swoop in to this vampire-filled world for the first time.

V Rising PS5 Release Details Unveiled

V Rising gameplay still
V Rising

Alongside the 1.0 PC release of V Rising, developer Stunlock Studios finally offered fans a hint at when the action RPG will come to PS5.

The game was given a release window of this year during a recent gameplay trailer, with the promo ending with, "Coming 2024" above a PlayStation 5 logo. 

This 2024 release window was further reiterated in a post from PlayStation on X (formerly Twitter), where the console maker wrote that the game was coming to PS5 "later this year:"

"Fight Dracula and design your vampiric castle in 'V Rising'

Rises on PS5 later this year."

This comes after the game was in Early Access on PC for just under two years, having entered its preview phase on Steam in May 2022. 

While the title continued to get updates in its Early Access state on PC, PlayStation gamers have sat patiently waiting for news about the title, as the platform does not have an Early Access program of its own. 

A 2024 PS5 release for the game had been teased in January on the PlayStation Blog, but this "later the year" verbiage offers an even clearer picture of when PlayStation gamers can expect to get in on the blood-sucking action. 

At the time of writing, PS5 is the only console V Rising seems to be coming to. 

However, the dev team did not count out the idea of an Xbox or Nintendo Switch release, telling WCCF Tech in May 2024 that the studio is dedicated to "ensuring the success of [its] upcoming launches on PC and PS5," but that is not opposed exploring any "future endeavors" beyond that:

"Never tell me the odds. Or ask me to tell you the odds. Our top priority right now is ensuring the success of our upcoming launches on PC and PS5. We must dedicate our full attention to optimizing these releases to their highest potential before considering any future endeavors." 

When Exactly Will V Rising Come to PS5?

While "later this year" is by no means an exact release window for V Rising on PS5, it is more than fans knew before this most recent news blast. 

The use of "later" could indicate that the game will come in the latter third or quarter of 2024, with some believing that if a release was more imminent the V Rising dev team would have opted for something like, "Sometime this year," or "Coming Soon."

Seeing as PS5 is the only console V Rising has announced release plans for, e the game will likely come sooner rather than later. 

The official V Rising PC release date was revealed, by way of a trailer, just two months before it eventually hit digital store shelves with its 1.0 patch on May 8, 2024. 

It has been reported that PlayStation is readying one of its signature PlayStation Showcase events for some time in the latter half of May. These live streams usually offer updates on already announced projects as well as new never-before-seen titles being unveiled for the first time.

If Sony and PlayStation see the upcoming RPG as one of its major releases for the rest of 2024, then one can assume the gaming giant would put it front and center in a showcase such as this. 

Should it appear at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase, a specific release date feels like a natural next step for the game to take, perhaps revealing a date two months out from its announcement (just like the PC version did). That would put a potential PS5 release for V Rising sometime in July. 

That may be too soon though, following so closely to the title's 1.0 release on PC. 

What feels more likely is the game shows up with a release date announcement at one of PlayStation's smaller State of Play live streams in the late summer or early fall, teasing a release in Q3 or Q4 2024. 

V Rising is now available on PC with a PS5 release coming sometime in 2024. 

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