FBI Season 7 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release? (Exclusive)

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FBI star Jeremy Sisto offered an update on when production for Season 7 of the hit CBS procedural will commence.

Season 6 has only one episode left before heading into its seventh season.

Thankfully, the series' future is not in question, as CBS previously renewed it through Season 9—a rare thing to do in today’s television landscape.

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FBI Season 7 Gets an Exciting Update

FBI Season 7

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, FBI star Jeremy Sisto provided a promising update on when Season 7 of FBI will start filming.

When asked when cameras will start rolling for the new episodes, the actor noted that production "usually starts [s] mid-July."

Thankfully, fans do not have to worry about the series' renewal status since it's renewed through Season 9. But will Jeremy Sisto be sticking around the whole time?

"I never count on anything," the actor admitted and that he always tries to "keep earning [his] spot:"

"I never count on anything. The three-season pickup is, I feel like it's something they could change their mind on. But they could definitely change my mind on me. So, I try to keep earning my spot."

He explained what’s “always interested [him] about the project:”

"The thing that's always interested me about the project is something that, to some degree, we're still working out. Sometimes, we are able to do it better than others. But it's really how to use this real-life situation; they have this jock that, in reality, only opens up when there's an active shooter, but how to use this device where they have 50 different representatives from different organizations, all different databases, and all the information is flying around. How do we actually use that device in the best way, and it's hard to do, because this is a procedural, so you want those twists to be really clear and simple enough to follow."

The actor said that some of the elements of the show are “really hard to write in this genre:”

"But that kind of is, to some degree, at odds with telling the story of how almost chaotic this level of investigating is. The searching goes so wide. You put a name into the system of this room, and it goes in 50 different places. And there's one person who has to collect all that information. That's really hard to write in this genre."

Sisto confirmed he is still invested and "interested" in the show’s focus and story and how, if that were to stop being the case, then continuing "would be difficult:"

"So I'm always interested, or I'm still interested, I should say, in pursuing trying to use that... I think, yeah, I think if that were to get boring to me, tiring, then the job would have less of an appeal to me, I suppose. The character stuff is always fun, but the crux of the show is this investigative show. So, if that part is not interesting to me, then that would be difficult. But it is largely because it's almost an impossible thing to do. I don't think we'll ever actually be able to do it perfectly because the two ideas almost don't fit together. So that's why it's fun."

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When Will FBI Season 7 Air on CBS?

FBI’s production consistency has been a little all over the place, so it is hard to guess when exactly Season 7 I’ll drop.

Currently, fans are unsure how many episodes Seasons 7, 8, and 9 will consist of. Season 6 had the fewest (at 13), and each season usually has around 20 episodes.

It would make sense for CBS to lean into the smaller season order as it’s become the norm for other shows.

The one consistency in how the show airs is that its finale will be in May. So, this time next year, fans can assume they will be watching the Season 7 finale.

As for the premiere, that all depends on how long the season will be.

If the episode count is on the shorter side, a good guess for Season 7 is early 2025. If the count is longer, it could premiere later in 2024. 

FBI episodes air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and stream on Paramount+.

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