FBI Show Star Reveals His Wild 'Law and Order' Crossover Idea (Exclusive)

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FBI star Jeremy Sisto shared a wild crossover he would love to see with his character and one from Law & Order.

In FBI, Sisto plays Jubal Valentine, an Assistant Special Agent in charge of the New York field office. While he has had a rough past, suffering from alcoholism and even cheating on his wife, he is constantly working on turning over a new leaf with his determination on the job.

FBI is not Sisto’s first role in a Dick Wolf-led series. The actor also starred as Detective Cyrus Lupo in Season 18 of Law & Order and stayed aboard the project through Season 20 in 2010.

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Jeremy Sisto Wants a Wild Crossover for FBI

Jeremy Sisto as Jubal Valentine in FBI International

While speaking in an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, FBI star Jeremy Sisto revealed a wild crossover idea he’d love to see unfold.

Sisto mentioned that former FBI showrunner Rick Eid "has talked about bringing Lupo back," Sisto’s Law & Order character, and that the actor would love to see both of his characters meet at the same time on screen:

"Rick Eid, the [former] showrunner who is leaving, does 'Law & Order,' so he has talked about bringing Lupo back, who is my character [from the show]. And so that would be super fun to have Jubal and Lupo in a scene together with some special effects."

As enticing as that idea might be, Sisto reiterated how audiences of procedurals "know what they’re going to get," so such a unique concept might not fit perfectly:

"I feel like the audiences really know what they're going to get. And they're always pleased. We have to make sure not to mess with that. You know what I mean? Especially an audience of our show, they expect a certain level of intensity."

"I think there’s more to explore" with the show, he went on to explain:

"I think there's more to explore. There are always different ways to do it. How does the job, you know, get mixed up with your personal life? That's the question in and out, you know, and then all the different ways someone becomes a danger to society. I guess that's the core of a show like this is the imagining of, what are the different possible ways where someone starts to hate the country enough or hate somebody else enough, or feel this way enough... It's kind of classic supervillain stuff."

While a Law & Order crossover like that could be a pipe dream, other crossovers like those with FBI: International are still on the table.

Sisto confirmed his desire for "Jubal [to keep] a really close relationship with that whole crew" over on International:

"I'm hoping that Jubal keeps a really close relationship with that whole crew. They've just, this season, really started having their own jock. And, you know, I went over there a couple of seasons ago, and I was just talking about how much I needed a job the whole time… Budapest is amazing. They get to travel to all these different countries. I mean, yeah, that's definitely a show I would love to continue to be a part of if they'll have me."

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Could an FBI and Law & Order Crossover

Jeremy Sisto has a point: the audience of these CBS procedurals have certain expectations, and adventuring too hard outside of them could fall flat for them.

Though, it would undoubtedly be neat to see Jeremy Sisto perform across from himself as his characters in both FBI and Law & Order.

Even if that wild crossover doesn't happen, many fans would be very excited to see Lupo return in Law & Order. That alone has the potential to draw a larger audience.

Sisto will certainly have plenty of time to pull off that appearance, as neither shows show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Needless to say, having a notable role in a Dick Wolf show is not a bad gig.

FBI episodes air weekly on CBS and can be found streaming on Paramount+.

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