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With Season 5 of FBI: Most Wanted complete, fans wonder when Season 6 might be released.

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When Will FBI: Most Wanted Season 6 Release?

FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 finale

Thankfully, fans don’t need to worry about the fate of FBI: Most Wanted. In April, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the show was renewed for a single-season pickup alongside its sister series FBI: International. The flagship show, FBI, got a three-season pickup as well.

All three shows will return for the 2024-2025 broadcast season, which spans September 2024 to August 2025. This means FBI: Most Wanted will likely debut in Fall 2024, especially with its 20-episode season—assuming production starts up soon.

While Season 5 was only 13 episodes, last year's strikes greatly impacted its length and release schedule.

Who’s Cast in FBI: Most Wanted Season 6?

Here are all the cast members of FBI: Most Wanted  expected to return for Season 6, though more are likely to join this group:

  • Keisha Castle-Hughes - Hana Bison
  • Dylan McDermott - Remy Scott
  • Edwin Hodge - Ray Cannon
  • Roxy Sternberg - Sheryll Barnes
  • Shantel VanSanten - Nina Chase

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Hana Bison

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Hana Bison in FBI: Most Wanted

Keisha Castle-Hughes plays Hana Bison, a character who has been with the show since its backdoor pilot in the flagship show, FBI. Her specialty lies in analytics, and she’s often a straight-to-the-point person.

Castle-Hughes was a Queen of Naboo in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. She also voiced Emerie Karr in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Dylan McDermott - Remy Scott

Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott in FBI: Most Wanted

Remy Scott, played by Dylan McDermott, first joined FBI: Most Wanted during its third season. The stoic and stern FBI agent is happy to be back in NYC after having been away working in Vegas for a chunk of time.

In the latest episode of Most Wanted, Remy helped care for Sheryll Barnes after her shooting while also sharing how his new relationship is making strides.

Previously, McDermott starred in The Practice, Law & Order: Organized Crime and American Horror Story.

Edwin Hodge - Ray Cannon

Edwin Hodge as Ray Cannon in FBI: Most Wanted

Graduating at the top of his class at Quantico, Edwin Hodge’s Ray Cannon is an extremely gifted and efficient FBI agent. He has a close relationship with his father, who also had a career with the FBI.

Hodge starred in The Purge: Election Year and appears in Good Sam, Mayans M.C., and Six.

Roxy Sternberg - Sheryll Barnes

Roxy Sternberg as Sheryll Barnes in FBI: Most Wanted

Roxy Sternberg plays Sheryll Barnes, an FBI agent and once an NYPD detective with undercover experience. The Season 5 finale saw her recovering from being shot in the field.

Sternberg can also be seen in Absentia, Mars, and Zapped.

Shantel VanSanten - Nina Chase

Shantel VanSanten as Nina Chase

Shantel VanSanten's Nina Chase is a recent addition to the team, first appearing in Season 4, Episode 17.

Nina specializes in undercover work and operating cars, though she isn’t always able to utilize those talents for every case the team tackles.

Fans might recognize VanSanten from her time in Final Destination, The Boys, and For All Mankind.

What Will Happen in FBI: Most Wanted Season 6?

FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 Finale

Edwin Hodge’s Ray Cannon just got married in the Season 5 finale, so going into Season 6, he’ll be living a whole new existence. Maintaining a marriage while working a high-risk job is difficult, and there will be plenty of dramatic storytelling for FBI: Most Wanted to mine.

One change that might affect the story is that CBS is reducing the number of episodes its series regulars are paid/guaranteed. In the upcoming 22 episodes of Season 6, each series regular will only appear in 20 of them.

As explained by Deadline, when this happens to a project, it's usually due to a cost-saving measure by the studios.

Audiences might notice this, as some episodes could become more personal and focus on specific characters and scenarios so that other series regulars can naturally be excluded from the installment.

FBI: Most Wanted is streaming on Paramount+.

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