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FBI International main characters

For fans wondering when FBI: International Season 4 will be released, here is the information needed to figure out a rough timeline.

International is one of three different FBI shows, with this one focusing on cases abroad and away from the United States.

Generally, the series' International Fly Team is stationed in Budapest, but they often find themselves in a handful of different countries.

When Will FBI: International Season 4 Release?

End of FBI: International Season 3 finale

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, Season 4 of FBI: International is already confirmed for the 2024-2025 television season, which spans from September 2024 to August 2025.

It is currently unconfirmed how many episodes the new season will have, but it will likely match the 21-22 episode order of Seasons 1 and 2 (assuming the shorter Season 3 length was due to last year's strikes).

Similarly, fans should also probably expect a release date in September later this year.

Who's Cast in FBI: International Season 4?

One central character who will not join FBI: International Season 4  (per Deadline) is Luke Kleintank's Scott Forester.

The Season 3 finale revealed that Scott and his mother were on the run in Alaska, doing their best to allude authority.

The actor chose to leave the series to spend more time with his family, something he could not do while working full-time at FBI: International.

Heida Reed's Special Agent Jamie Kellett will also not be returning for Season 4, as revealed by Deadline.

While the specific returning cast members have not been confirmed, here are a handful of faces fans should expect to see again.

Carter Redwood - Andrew Raines

Carter Redwood as Andrew Raines in FBI: International

Carter Redwood's Andrew Raines is one of the key members of the International Fly Team. He sports a background in accounting and has always wanted to be a member of the FBI.

Redwood can also be seen in Orange Is the New Black, Rise, and The Long Road Home.

Vinessa Vidotto - Cameron Vo

Vinessa Vidotto as Cameron Vo in FBI: International

Cameron Vo, played by Vinessa Vidotto, is one of the leading members of the International Fly Team. She is an extremely determined player of the FBI and is an impressive marksman shot.

Fans of Vidotto's performance can also spot her in Hacks, FBI, and Lucifer.

Eva-Jane Willis - Megan “Smitty” Garretson

Eva-Jane Willis as Megan

Eva-Jane Willis' Megan "Smitty" Garretson is not like the other members of the International Team Fly. Instead of being a member of the FBI, she is a liaison from Europol who helps the team shift from country to country.

Gangs of London, London Files, and The Power are three recent projects the actress can be seen in.

Christina Wolfe - Amanda Tate

Christina Wolfe as Amanda Tate in FBI: International

Christina Wolfe plays Amanda Tate, a member of FBI: International's Fly Team with a particular talent in computer skills and hacking. While she may not be in the field often, she is a major reason the team is as successful as they are.

Wolfe also has roles in The Ark, Batwoman, and The Royals.

What Will Happen in FBI: International Season 4?

Ending of FBI: International Season 4

The biggest change that fans will need to get used to in Season 4 is the team dynamic without Luke Kleintank's Scott Forester.

While there was a little taste of it in the final episodes of Season 3, it will now be permanent.

In turn, the show will likely try introducing some new faces to help fill in that space. The show could either have a revolving door of guest characters before deciding on someone more permanent or simply put their faith in a new actor right out of the gate.

Perhaps the creatives can find a way to get Colin Donnell's Supervisory Special Agent Brian Lange to return in a larger capacity. While it looked like he was taking his leave at the end of the finale, he did seem to fit into the team perfectly—it feels wasted not to have more of him in the show.

FBI: International is now streaming on Paramount+.

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