Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four Reboot Adds 9th Cast Member

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Fantastic Four Marvel Studios cast members

Following the addition of the ninth major actor, here's a look at the full cast for Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

After acquiring the rights during Disney's merger with 20th Century Fox, Marvel's First Family will again start anew. However, this time it will be within the MCU and with a cast sure to get potential audience members' attention.

The Fantastic Four's 9 Actors & Characters So Far

Director Matt Shakman is bringing The Fantastic Four into the MCU with a brand-new cast and story rumored to be set on an alternate timeline.

Marvel Studios and various reliable reports confirmed the signing of nine actors for The Fantastic Four.

Pedro Pascal - Reed Richards

Pedro Pascal and Reed Richards.
Pedro Pascal

Filling (arguably) the most important and stretchy shoes is Pedro Pascal, portraying Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic.

This came as a surprise for many fans as Pascal was often fan-casted within the MCU but not commonly as the leader of The Fantastic Four.

Regardless, Pascal is more popular than ever and should be able to make his Reed Richards feel unique. In many ways, this casting is a safe bet for Marvel Studios as it looks to win back many fans for more blockbuster events.

Vanessa Kirby - Sue Storm

Vanessa Kirby and Sue Storm.
Vanessa Kirby

"Sure, she looks the part, but what else?" is a silly question many may be asking.

Vanessa Kirby (The Crown, Mission: Impossible) takes on the prominent role of Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. In addition to her strikingly similar appearance to the comic book character, she has the personality to lead this team with fierce authority.

In many ways, she's the glue to the four superheroes, so her chemistry with Pascal and her brother, Johnny Storm (Joseph Quinn), will be essential.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach - Ben Grimm

Ebon Moss-Bachrach and The Thing.
Ebon Moss-Bachrach

A fan-casting dream comes true, Richie or 'Cousin' from FX's The Bear joins The Fantastic Four. Ebon Moss-Bachrach is leveling up under the Disney banner once again, having recently played Arvel Skeen in a few episodes of Star Wars' Andor.

Now, Moss-Bachrach takes on the role of Ben Grimm, an astronaut turned rocky hero called the Thing. Bringing the Thing into the MCU will be exciting for many fans as a new hero with superhuman strength could add a fun dynamic to crossover action sequences.

Joseph Quinn - Johnny Storm

Joseph Quinn and the Human Torch.
Joseph Quinn

This actor's career is nearly as hot as the character he's set to play in The Fantastic Four.

Joseph Quinn broke out during Season 4 of Stranger Things and is now set to star in A Quiet Place: Day One, Gladiator II, and The Fantastic Four as Johnny Storm.

Quinn will appropriately play the youngest member of a team, contrasting his brash and impetuous nature with the personalities of his older sister, Sue Storm, and brother-in-law, Reed Richards. Flame on!

Julia Garner - Silver Surfer

Julia Garner and the Silver Surfer.
Julia Garner

A brand-new look, Emmy-winner Julia Garner (Ozark) is set to portray Shalla-Bal, a version of Silver Surfer from the comics.

This rendition of the character points to the rumor that this movie doesn't take place in the MCU Earth-616 (or Earth-199999) universe but an alternative one.

The gender-bend casting of Garner as the Herald of Galactus, traditionally portrayed as male, has sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing disappointment and skepticism.

Regardless, Garner is a strong pick who will bring plenty of life and personality to this character and their relationship with the movie's big bad: Galactus.

Ralph Ineson - Galactus

Ralph Ineson and Galactus.
Ralph Ineson

A voice that can be heard across the galaxy, Ralph Ineson (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Green Knight) has been cast as the world-eater, Galactus.

One of Marvel's biggest villains will make his MCU debut in The Fantastic Four with the possibility for future storytelling. Galactus is a cosmic entity, possessing immense power and needing to consume entire planets to sustain himself.

John Malkovich

John Malkovich wearing glasses and a light brown suit.
John Malkovich

John Malkovich is set to join the MCU in The Fantastic Four, but his role remains undisclosed.

This is not his first time being cast in a blockbuster Marvel role. He was previously set to play Adrian Toomes/Vulture in Sam Raimi's canceled Spider-Man 4.

He could be playing any character in The Fantastic Four. Still, some fan speculation connects him to the Puppet Master, a villain who utilizes radioactive clay to create puppets resembling real individuals, which he controls by manipulating strings attached to them. 

Paul Walter-Hauser

Paul Walter-Hauser in Black Bird.
Paul Walter-Hauser

Emmy-winner Paul Walter Hauser joined the cast of The Fantastic Four, confirming his role as a character from the comics without revealing specifics.

The actor, known for his roles in projects like Black Bird and Cruella, recently told Screen Rant he's working on his character now and that they are part of the "lexicon and mythology of The Fantastic Four stories:"

"All I can say is that I, in some iteration, am in the movie 'The Fantastic Four' until I get fired or recast. So I can't say anything about the character I'm playing but know that it is in the sort of lexicon and mythology of 'The Fantastic Four' stories. And it's a very distinct character that I'm excited to play, and I'm kind of mapping out what I'm doing with that right now." 

Many fans believe he will play Mole Man, a notorious Fantastic Four supervillain who often attempts to dominate the Earth's surface with his army of Moloids, humanoid creatures with mole-like features.

Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne staring into the camera.
Natasha Lyonne

The most recent casting announcement for The Fantastic Four is Natasha Lyonne in another undisclosed role.

The actress, known for roles in Orange Is the New Black and Poker Face, has been connected by fans to the Marvel character Alicia Masters.

Alicia is a blind sculptor known for her ability to create lifelike sculptures solely by touch and memory. She often depicts superheroes like the Fantastic Four. She is portrayed as caring and sensitive, serving as a romantic interest and eventual wife to The Thing.

Who's Left To Cast in The Fantastic Four?

While this character may already be cast by one of the actors with an unknown role, the first poster for 2025's The Fantastic Four showed HERBIE.

HERBIE was initially created for The New Fantastic Four animated series in 1978 due to the Human Torch's unavailability. The flying robot is an ally to the Fantastic Four in the animated series and the comic continuity.

Marvel Studios is known for its voice-over roles, such as Paul Bettany as JARVIS, Kerry Condon as FRIDAY, and Jennifer Connelly as Karen.

Many other additional characters for The Fantastic Four are unknown. Once the recent actors' roles are revealed, fans will have a better understanding of the film's direction.

Audience members may get a fresh look at an alternate universe during the 1960s, so it's unlikely a current MCU hero or villain will appear. In addition, Doctor Doom seems to not be in the new Fantastic Four movie, which may disappoint many.

The Fantastic Four launches into theaters on July 25, 2025.

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