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Jane Krakowski as Joann, Carrie Preston as Elsbeth

Linda Lavin and Jane Krakowski join Elsbeth's cast as guest stars in Episode 2. 

Elsbeth Episode 2, "A Classic New York Character," shows the ramifications of the death of a co-op board president, with the titular character and her partner investigating. Upon arriving, they meet a Manhattan real estate broker that could have ties to a dark secret. 

Elsbeth Episode 2 premiered on CBS on April 4. The installment can also be streamed on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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Every Main Cast Member of Elsbeth Episode 2

Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni

Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni
Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston leads the cast as Elsbeth Tascioni, a well-respected lawyer who joins the NYPD in some high-profile cases to serve as an outside observer while also giving notes about the crime scene. 

In Episode 2, Elsbeth teams up with Officer Kaya Blanke to discover how and why a co-op board president died.

While Elsbeth is tenacious during the investigation, she is also trying to adjust to becoming a full-fledged New Yorker (she has since moved from Chicago). 

Carrie Preston first appeared as Elsbeth Tascioni in The Good Wife and The Good Fight. The actress' other credits include Claws, True Blood, and The Holdovers.

Carra Patterson - Kaya Blanke

Carra Patterson as Kaya Blanke
Carra Patterson

The other half of the main investigating duo in Elsbeth is Kaya Blanke (played by Carra Patterson). 

In Episode 2, Blanke starts to form a strong bond with Elsbeth. The pair protects each other and learns more about themselves during the investigation. 

However, Blanke suspects (albeit silently) that something is off about her new partner. 

Patterson's most recognizable role is playing Shaun in The Arrangement. The actress also appeared in Straight Outta Compton and Evil

Wendell Pierce - C. W. Wagner

Wendell Pierce as C.W. Wagner
Wendell Pierce

Wendell Pierce brings C.W. Wagner to life in Elsbeth

Wagner is NYPD's hard-headed captain who is not a fan of Elsbeth's "meddling" during investigations. 

His concerns over Elsbeth are valid as the titular lawyer is sent to NYPD to go undercover and observe their day-to-day practices. 

Pierce is best known for playing Detective William "Bunk" Moreland in The Wire. The actor's other credits include Horrible Bosses, Selma, and The Money Pit.

Linda Lavin - Gloria Blecher

Linda Lavin as Gloria Blecher
Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin guest stars as Gloria Bletcher in Elsbeth Episode 2.

Gloria is the co-op board president who tragically died after falling off a luxury building. 

The early moments of the latest installment show how much of a "Karen" Gloria is. She shushes down neighbors and even calls out a dog owner by the street. 

Lavin has over 60 credits, including memorable roles in Alice, B Positive, and The Back-up Plan.

Jane Krakowski - Joann

Jane Krakowski as Joann
Jane Krakowski

Another newcomer to the world of Elsbeth is Jane Krakowski. 

Krakowski plays Joann, a Manhattan real estate broker who wants to buy four apartments. The Board also wants Joann to purchase the properties so that they can make a huge sum of money from them. 

It is later revealed that Joann is in cahoots with the other board members as they plot an evil scheme to kill Gloria. 

30 Rock fans may recognize Krakowski for her role as Jenna Maroney in the series. The actress also starred in Ally McBeal and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Greg Hildreth - Lewis Blecher Jr.

Greg Hildreth as Lewis Blecher Jr.
Greg Hildreth

Greg Hildreth is part of Elsbeth Episode 2's cast as Lewis Blecher Jr., Gloria's son and an unemployed DJ struggling to make ends meet.

When he learns that his apartment is for sale, Lewis vents out his frustrations to Gloria. Little does he know, it is a joint effort from Joann and the Board Members to derail the mother-son duo's relationship. 

Hildreth has credits in Maestro, Dr. Death, and The Americans.

Peter Grosz - Leonard Rosen

Peter Grosz as Leonard Rosen
Peter Grosz

Peter Grosz joins the cast of Elsbeth Episode 2 as Leonard Rosen. 

Leonard is a Board member who has grown tired of Gloria's selfish attitude. He is also one of Gloria's neighbors in the building. 

Grosz is an actor and writer who has credits in The Menu, New Amsterdam, and Fleishman in Trouble.

Ann Arvia - Dorothy Lee

Ann Arvia as Dorothy Lee
Ann Arvia

Another guest star in Episode 2 is Ann Arvia as Dorothy Lee.

Dorothy is a board member annoyed over Gloria's dominance as co-op president. She also owns a dog and is the main witness to Gloria's death when she fell from the balcony of her apartment.

Arvia has an impressive list of credits on the small screen, with roles in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Blacklist, and The Affair.

Nikolai Tsankov - Fisnik Raapi 

Nikolai Tsankov  as Fisnik
Nikolai Tsankov 

Nikolai Tsankov's Fisnik Raapi is the apartment's administrator and handyman. He is often asked about Gloria's apartment, specifically the "broken" railings on her balcony that fell alongside her. 

Tsankov's notable credits include The Good Ship Murder, For All Mankind, and Manifest.

Danny McCarthy - Agent Celentano 

Danny McCarthy as Agent Celentano
Danny McCarthy

Danny McCarthy returns as Agent Celentano, who assigned Elsbeth to the New York Police Department (NYPD). 

In Episode 2, Celentano tries to get an update about Elsbeth's investigation of the NYPD, but she tells him that she is still earning the captain's trust.

McCarthy can be seen in Somebody Somewhere, Good One, and Stronger.

Johnny M. Wu - Detective Joey Browner

Johnny M. Wu as Joey Browner
Johnny M. Wu

Joey Browner (played by Johnny M. Wu) is a detective from the NYPD who leads the investigation of Gloria Blecher's death. 

He begins by interrogating Gloria's son, Lewis, and accusing him as the main suspect since he was present when his mother died. 

Wu is best known for playing Dr. Randall Shentu in Chicago Med. The actor also has credits in The Other Two and FBI: Most Wanted.

Olivia Khoshatefeh - Annie Leonard

Olivia Khoshatefeh as Annie Leonard
Olivia Khoshatefeh

Olivia Khoshatefeh appears in Episode 2 as Annie Leonard. 

Annie is another board member who sides with Joann over selling some of the apartments in Gloria's building. She also owns the wrench used to frame Lewis Blecher Jr. (who, by the way, has a crush on her). 

Khoshatefeh was previously featured in New Amsterdam, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Blindspot.

New episodes of Elsbeth premiere every Thursday on CBS at 9 p.m. ET. 

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