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Elsbeth Andre de Shields and Carrie Preston

Uncoupled's André De Shields and Power Book II: Ghost actor Ryan Bourque serve as notable guest stars in Elsbeth's wild season finale. 

Elsbeth Episode 10, "A Fitting Finale," sees the titular lawyer trying to solve the case behind the death of a renowned fashion photographer while her days at the New York Police Department (NYPD) precinct are numbered. 

Elsbeth Episode 10 premiered on CBS on May 23. 

Every Main Cast Member of Elsbeth Episode 10

Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni

Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni in Elsbeth Episode 10
Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston reprises her role as the titular character, Elsbeth Tascioni. 

After a tense confrontation with Captain Wagner at the end of Episode 9, Elsbeth's stint as the NYPD consultant is poised to end. 

However, Episode 10 proves that Elsbeth's destiny is tied to the force since the final moments of the finale confirm that she will stay with the team after all. She even receives a hug from her best frienemy, Captain Wagner. 

Elsewhere, Elsbeth and Kaya team up to investigate a fashion photographer's death.

Preston's notable credits include roles in The Good Wife, The Good Fight, True Blood, and The Holdovers.

Carra Patterson - Kaya Blanke

Carra Patterson as Kaya Blanke in Elsbeth Episode 10
Carra Patterson

Carra Patterson is back as Officer Kaya Blanke in Elsbeth Episode 10. 

Throughout the show's 10-episode run, it is clear that Officer Blanke is qualified to become an NYPD detective. Blanke's promotion finally happened in the season finale, much to the delight of her good friend, Elsbeth. 

Patterson can be seen in The Arrangement, Straight Outta Compton, and Evil

Wendell Pierce - Captain Wagner

Wendell Pierce as Captain Wagner in Elsbeth Episode 10
Wendell Pierce

Captain Wagner (played by Wendell Pierce) is the NYPD's strict commander who was initially being investigated by Elsbeth over shady dealings. 

Episode 9 revealed that Lieutenant Noonan is the one using Wagner's name during illegal transactions, and this revelation led to his arrest by the end of the installment. 

While Elsbeth helps him to be vindicated, Wagner admits that he was hurt that she was investigating him behind his back. 

The season finale sees a fitting resolution to the conflict between Wagner and Elsbeth, with the duo starting a new partnership ahead of Season 2.

Pierce is known for his roles in The Wire, Horrible Bosses, Selma, and The Money Pit.

Ryan Bourque - Ezra Tate 

Ryan Bourque as Ezra Tate in Elsbeth Episode 10
Ryan Bourque

Ryan Bourque guest stars as fashion photographer Ezra Tate in Elsbeth Episode 10.

Ezra is shockingly killed during a fashion show, with the murderer using a silenced gun to take him down.

Ezra has a lot going on in his life, such as his gambling addiction and wounds from his past reopens when his ex-girlfriend, Nadine, returns in the present day.

Bourque has credits in Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Jessica Jones, and Power Book II: The Ghost.

André De Shields - Mateo Hart

André De Shields as Mateo Hart in Elsbeth Episode 10
André De Shields

André De Shields brings Mateo Hart to life in Elsbeth Episode 10.

Mateo is a longtime fashion designer who served as Nadine, Ezra, and Nick's professor during their time at the Fashion University of New York (FUNY). 

Mateo is later revealed to be the main suspect as his obsession with his legacy gets to him. 

He admits that his reputation does not want to be tarnished by the racist-driven campaign known as the Pangaea Project (the one that Ezra still has photos of during the present day).

Tony Award winner André De Shields previously starred in Extreme Measures, Uncoupled, and Blue Bloods.

Laura Benanti - Nadine Clay

Laura Benanti as Nadine Clay in Elsbeth Episode 10
Laura Benanti

Laura Benanti guest stars as Nadine Clay, a retiring supermodel whose marriage with her husband, Nick, is falling apart. She is also Ezra's former friend. 

In Episode 10, Nadine is one of the individuals who is being investigated after Ezra's death due to the murder potentially being connected to her shady under-the-table dealings. 

Despite that, Nadine is proven to be innocent since another dangerous criminal is lurking in the shadows.

Arrowverse fans may recognize Benanti for playing Alura Zor-Eli in Supergirl. The actress also appeared in No Hard Feelings, Take the Lead, and Life & Beth.

Daniel Passaro - Nick Garrison

Daniel Passaro as Nick Garrison in Elsbeth Episode 10
Daniel Passaro

Daniel Passaro is part of Elsbeth Episode 10's cast as Nick Garrison, Nadine's ex-husband, Ezra's former friend, and a popular fashion designer.

During Elsbeth and Officer Blanke's investigation, Nick admits that he thinks that Nadine was the one who killed Ezra since he believes that he may be blackmailing her to get out of his gambling debt. 

Passaro is known for his roles in FBI: International, The Equalizer, and City on a Hill.

Vanessa Kai - Gisela Mott

Vanessa Kai as Gisela Mott in Elsbeth Episode 10
Vanessa Kai

Vanessa Kai joins the world of Elsbeth as Gisela Mott.

Gisela is the fashion editor of Dress Up who attends Nick Garrison's fashion show where the murder happened. 

Kai's most recognizable role is playing Pei-Ling Zhang in Kung Fu. The actress can also be seen in New Amsterdam, The Blacklist, and Orange is the New Black.

Molly Price - Detective Donnelly

Molly Price as Detective Donnelly in Elsbeth Episode 10
Molly Price

Molly Price reprises her role as Detective Donnelly, the lead investigator behind Ezra Tate's death. 

Although Elsbeth is off limits to the investigation due to Captain Wagner's orders, Detective Donnelly still allows her to be part of it all since it appears that they already started a bond during previous cases. 

Third Watch fans may recognize Price for her role as Faith Yokas in over 100 episodes of the series. The actress also starred in Pushing Tin and How Do You Know.

Danny McCarthy - Agent Fred Celentano 

Danny McCarthy as Agent Fred Celentano in Elsbeth Episode 10
Danny McCarthy

Agent Fred Celentano of the Department of Justice (played by Danny McCarthy) returns in the season finale to save Elsbeth one more time. 

Celentano tells Captain Wagner that the consent decree that Elsbeth notes in the earlier moments of the episode is a strong point to keep Elsbeth in a long-term position in the NYPD. 

McCarthy's major credits include roles in Somebody Somewhere, Good One, and Stronger.

Joel Marsh Garland - Pavel

Joel Marsh Garland as Pavel in Elsbeth Episode 10
Joel Marsh Garland

Joel Marsh Garland makes an appearance as Pavel in Elsbeth Episode 10.

Pavel is the owner of the pawn shop where Ezra sells his beloved camera to pay off some debts due to his gambling addiction. 

Elsbeth, Officer Blanke, and Detective Donnelly ask him questions about Ezra that proved to be useful to the investigation.

Garland is best known for his role as Scott O'Neil in Orange is the New Black. The actor also appeared in The Bounty Hunter and The Believer.

All episodes of Elsbeth Season 1 are available to stream on Paramount+.

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