Full Cast of Elsbeth Episode 5 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Elsbeth Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni and Blair Underwood - Cliff McGrath

Agents of SHIELD alum Blair Underwood joins the cast of Elsbeth Episode 5 as an important guest star. 

The recent episode, "Ball Girl," focuses on a dead tennis champion, leading Elsbeth and Kaya to investigate his opponent's strict father and coach. Elsewhere, NYPD's Captain Wagner starts to suspect that Elsbeth might be spying on him.

Elsbeth Episode 5 premiered on CBS on April 18. The episode can also be streamed on Paramount+ with Showtime.

Every Main Cast Member of Elsbeth Episode 5 

Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni

Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni
Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston returns to play Elsbeth Tascioni in Episode 5 of the CBS series. 

Elsbeth is tasked to shadow some of NYPD's high-profile cases to give an outsider's perspective on how to crack a case. 

She uses her wit and charm to unpack the truth behind the death of a tennis champion named Yoyo in Episode 5. 

Elsbeth also tries to make progress in her investigation with Captain Wagner by asking Kaya about a certain Wally who made her boss upset during the gala in the previous episode. 

Preston is best known for her roles in The Good Wife, The Holdovers, and True Blood.

Carra Patterson - Kaya Blanke

Carra Patterson as Kaya Blanke
Carra Patterson

Officer Kaya Blanke (played by Carra Patterson) is Elsbeth's partner during some of NYPD's investigations. She is also an aspiring detective. 

In Episode 5, Kaya works with Elsbeth to investigate Yoyo's death and uses her innate detective skills to good use which impresses Captain Wagner. 

Patterson previously appeared in The Arrangement, Straight Outta Compton, and Evil

Wendell Pierce - C. W. Wagner

Wendell Pierce as C. W. Wagner
Wendell Pierce 

Wendell Pierce reprises his role as Captain C.W. Wagner of the New York Police Department. 

Captain Wagner is still trying to think about trusting Elsbeth, especially after having a hunch that she might be investigating him for an unknown reason. 

"Ball Girl" further shows Wagner trying to gain Officer Kaya's trust by seemingly promising her a promotion to detective if she keeps him in the loop about Elsbeth's actions. He also tries to get close to her to gain information. 

Pierce's notable credits include The Wire, Horrible Bosses, Selma, and The Money Pit.

Blair Underwood - Cliff McGrath

Blair Underwood as Cliff McGrath
Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood is part of the cast of Elsbeth Episode 5 as Cliff McGrath.

Cliff is Hunter's overprotective and competitive coach and father who pressures his son to become the best tennis player in the world. 

Cliff's desire to turn his son into a champion backfires after he purposively gives Yoyo a towel dosed with nitroglycerine ointment, leading to his tragic death. 

Agents of SHIELD fans may recognize Underwood for his role as Dr. Andrew Garner in the Marvel series. The actor also appeared in Quantico, American Crime Story, and Three Women

Omari K. Chancellor - Hunter

Omari K. Chancellor as Hunter
Omari K. Chancellor

Omari K. Chancellor guest stars as Hunter in Elsbeth Episode 5. 

Hunter is an overly competitive tennis player who wants to become a future Grand Slam winner. 

However, his aspirations are cut short after his father does something evil that could cost him his career. 

Chancellor is known for his roles in Swipe NYC and The Greatest Beer Run Ever.

Gui Agustini - Johann Arnaldo (Yoyo) 

Gui Agustini as Yoyo
Gui Agustini

One of the newcomers to the world of Elsbeth is Gui Agustini's Johann Arnaldo. 

Johann, also known as Yoyo, is a legendary tennis champion who came out of retirement to join an upcoming competition, and one of his opponents is Hunter. 

Yoyo tragically died on the spot while in a match with Hunter after Cliff's evil deed. 

Agustini served as the voice of Roberto Da Costa (aka Sunspot) in X-Men '97. The actor was also involved in The Time Traveler's Wife as Henry's acting double.

Irina Chelidze - Irina 

Irina Chelidze as Irina
Irina Chelidze

Irina Chelidze appears as Irina in Elsbeth Episode 5.

Irina is Yoyo's girlfriend who secretly gives him medication to cure his erectile dysfunction. Unknowingly, this drug combined with what Cliff put in the towel led to her boyfriend's demise. 

Irina is also framed for Yoyo's death after a combined effort led by Cliff and Ashlee. 

Chelidze has credits in Honest Ads and Brainchild.

Danny Mastrogiorgio - Detective Smullen

Danny Mastrogiorgio as Detective Smullen
Danny Mastrogiorgio

Elsbeth's detective of the week is Danny Mastrogiorgio's Detective Smullen of the NYPD. 

Smullen is the lead detective behind Yoyo's death and he initially tries to downplay Elsbeth's notes at the start of the investigation. 

The detective also interrogates Cliff to ask if anything is suspicious right before the game. 

Mastrogiorgio's most recognizable role is playing Detective Anthony Fucci in Instinct. The actor also appeared in Billions, The Affair, and Share.

Aubrey Matalon - Ashlee 

Aubrey Matalon as Ashlee
Aubrey Matalon

Aubrey Matalon's Ashlee is a ball girl who is the only witness to what Cliff did to Yoyo's towel right before the game. 

Elsbeth Episode 5 revealed that Ashlee is not a saint. Instead, she wants to benefit from the situation by coordinating petty crimes to benefit those who are involved with betting odds during tennis matches.

Matalon's other notable credit is playing Jeanette in Dust.

New episodes of Elsbeth premiere every Thursday on CBS at 9 p.m. ET. 

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