Elizabeth Olsen Mocks Key WandaVision Line: 'Crazy S--t to Say!'

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Elizabeth Olsen, WandaVision finale

Elizabeth Olsen mocked one of the crazy lines she had to say while working as the MCU's Scarlet Witch in her solo WandaVision series.

After nearly a decade as a part of Marvel Studios' big screen canon, Olsen's future as Wanda Maximoff has never been more in question. 

The MCU hero seeming met her end in the final moments of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as she "remov[ed] herself from the board...For now." Olsen has said she would be open to coming back as long as there is a "good story to tell."

But if this is the end, Olsen got some pretty iconic moments within the hit movie franchise as well as a few some might consider 'crazy.'

Elizabeth Olsen Calls WandaVision Line 'Crazy'


Speaking with Vanity Fair, MCU star Elizabeth Olsen reacted to some of her past lines as the Scarlet Witch, one of which she outright mocked as "crazy shit."

The line in question comes from the hit Disney+ series WandaVision, where Olsen's MCU hero tells her dying lover Vision (played by Paul Bettany) that he is "the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in [her]."

Reacting to the line the MCU star said, "That was some crazy shit to say," while comparing the scene to "speaking in a foreign language:"

“That was some crazy shit to say. ‘You are the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me.’ That’s like speaking in a foreign language where you’re like, ‘This means something, you know. And I have to have to understand the meaning, but it means something.’ And I’m just saying the things I think it means."

She added that part of her process was to "translate" lines like this and find touchstones she can latch onto within the dialogue:

"So I have to translate it for myself. And that this point, she is accepting the fact that no matter what, he will be a part of her regardless of is he’s physically there or not. So I think of it as that, which I deeply believe with people you lose and death.”

The Difficult Task of Tackling Marvel Dialogue

Some may scoff at Elizabeth Olsen's "crazy shit" comment here, but it is hard to deny that, yes, a lot of lines that actors have to say within the MCU can sound a little bizarre. 

However, it's these stars' talent to find those things they can grip onto to pull out the humanity in even the most out-there comic book jargon. 

But it is not as though these sorts of lines have turned Olsen off of the Marvel Studios experience. While her character is seemingly dead within the universe, the actress seems primed and ready for a heroic return. 

Olsen recently teased that she could not talk about her character's potential comeback as it would "be spoiling something" that is already in the works at Marvel Studios.

And as the franchise heads to even more bizarre and Multiverse territory (being in the Multiverse Saga after all), if Olsen does return, surely she will have even more "crazy shit" to say in front of the camera. 

WandaVision can be streamed now on Disney+.

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