Elizabeth Olsen Wants Major Change for Future Marvel Appearances

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Elizabeth Olsen Talks Marvel Cinematic Universe future hopes for Scarlet Witch

Doctor Strange 2 brought back Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff in an unexpected way. The Benedict Cumberbatch-led sequel revolves around the concept of alternate realities, with its marketing seemingly teasing that the titular sorcerer will need to team up with the Scarlet Witch in order to save the Multiverse from an unknown threat. However, some scenes appear to tease Wanda's heel turn in the movie, as evidenced by footage of her attack on the Illuminati compound and Kamar-Taj

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Multiverse of Madness eventually confirmed that Scarlet Witch is the main villain, with the character being corrupted by the Darkhold. After failing to obtain America Chavez's powers and realizing what she has done, Wanda ultimately sacrifices herself at the end of the movie, thus leaving everyone with the question: did Wanda die in Doctor Strange 2?

While the character's future is still uncertain after the game-changing events of the Doctor Strange sequel, Olsen shared her ideas about Wanda's next MCU stint. 

Is Scarlet Witch Finished in the MCU?

Is Elizabeth Olsen Done with the MCU?

Elizabeth Olsen sat down with Fandango, via Rotten Tomatoes, to talk about Wanda Maximoff's MCU future after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

When asked how long she is willing to portray the Scarlet Witch, Olsen first admitted that the character's journey in Multiverse of Madness ended the way "it's supposed to end" while also pointing out that she would need help to get "some ideas" from fans about her next adventure: 

"I really thought of this film as a story that was told between…It ends the way it’s supposed to end and I’m always very curious what the fans want next as well because I don’t have any ideas. So I think that would be helpful to get some ideas from them."

Olsen then reiterated that as long as there is a "good story to tell," she will be willing to return to the MCU: 

"My whole thing without having like these big picture deals or whatever to you know, go nine times or whatever it is, is that as long as and this is what happened with WandaVision as long as there’s a good story to tell I’ll be there, but I don’t think it’s fun for the fans for us to just like show up and not have anything interesting to share or to tell or to explore and so for me, it’s always about the story."

Old Scarlett Witch from Comics
Marvel Comics

The MCU veteran also shared that she loves the idea of playing an older and wiser version of the character, with her saying that she imagines herself as portraying Wanda "with like prosthetics and silver hair" in a future project:

"If there’s a good idea, I’m happy to play her. I also think her being old will actually be kind of amazing. In the comics, her power kind of deteriorates her and ages her in a way in some of the comics. I do think of that as being kind of amazing. I kind of imagined myself one day with like prosthetics and silver hair and like playing her as this like like older wise woman and so I do have this kind of this dream of aging her quite a bit. I just really think she’s ancient in her like the myth of the Scarlet Witch is this ancient myth and so that’s something that I kind of adore about, a potential future that I’m just kind of throwing out and I don’t really know where it would go."

What's Next for Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously reiterated that Wanda Maximoff's story won’t end in the Doctor Strange sequel, saying: 

That’s the first place where that story will continue, but there will be other places. 

Given Feige's comments, it's safe to assume that Wanda is not dead, and the character will eventually make her triumphant return at some point in the MCU's future. 

Elizabeth Olsen may have a clear idea of where the character is headed next, and her comments about portraying an older and wiser version of the Scarlet Witch could hint at her upcoming storyline. 

Based on the sequel's ending, it's possible that the Scarlet Witch ultimately survives, with her potentially in hiding after her darkest turn yet. However, the Darkhold may have taken a toll on her, leading to her aging quite a bit.

Scarlet Witch's Wanda Maximoff Bloopers

Doing this fulfills Olsen's wish to portray an older Wanda Maximoff, and the character could save the day once again in a future battle where the world's fate is at stake. 

This storyline could be explored in a potential solo movie about the Scarlet Witch or an older Wanda Maximoff could be showcased in one of the alternate realities of the vast Multiverse. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in theaters worldwide. 

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