Elizabeth Olsen Praises Spider-Man Director Sam Raimi on His Doctor Strange 2 Work

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Phase 4 of the MCU is just days away, giving fans a much-needed dive back into the universe after a year-and-a-half hiatus. The current slate has 25 projects on the way from Marvel Studios, which will keep fans plenty busy for months, even years to come. 

However before the wave of new films and TV shows has even begun, Marvel Studios reportedly already has second seasons in the works for Phase 4 projects like Loki and the animated series What If...?, neither of which has yet to debut even a single episode. 

So what about WandaVision? Will the MCU's Disney+ debut series get any love in this round of renewals?

Considering the first two episodes of WandaVision release on January 15, it's a bit odd that production for Loki would be a step ahead of WandaVision when Loki just finished filming its first season this month (probably). That is, unless the direct continuation of WandaVision is already well in the works. 


While speaking with Collider, Elizabeth Olsen was asked about WandaVision and its close relation to 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, since the Disney+ series has long been confirmed to directly lead into the sequel Doctor Strange film

When asked if WandaVision would be given a second season or if the Doctor Strange sequel would be the better platform to continue WandaVision's narrative, Olsen played coy claiming that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness "could be" how Marvel Studios chooses to further explore the different elements of the show, but she then teased that "(she doesn't) have that information." 

Regarding the script for Doctor Strange 2, Olsen was asked how she reacted when she first read it, which caused her to fondly reminisce on her experience over the years. She called reading the script "an excitement," admitting that she is "always intimidated" by her MCU role at first, before she "finds an excitement to get back" to her work with Marvel Studios. 

"It was an excitement. I think I always start these jobs feeling intimidated by them, being so large.And then I find an excitement to get back in it. But they're intimidating." 

Olsen was then asked what a lot of fans are probably wondering; What's it like to work with director Sam Raimi on a Marvel film? Olsen didn't hesitate to admit that she "loves Sam Raimi," calling him a "lovely person" with a "great energy." She also added that Raimi "is a very specific filmmaker" whose "playfulness" allowed her and Raimi both to "discover new things" while making the Doctor Strange sequel. 

"I love Sam Raimi. He is really a lovely person, and I really enjoyed our playfulness together and just kind of allowing ourselves to discover new things, and he has a great energy. He is a very specific filmmaker and loves playing with his camera. It's been fun." 

The full interview can be viewed below. 



Notice the only thing that Olsen wouldn't elaborate on was how the events of WandaVision will carry into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Typical Marvel Studios, playing it close to the vest. But what else can you expect? Considering WandaVision will so naturally progress into Doctor Strange 2, though, it's safe to assume that there wasn't much Olsen could say without spoiling something big. 

Marvel Studios CCO Kevin Feige recently said that some Disney+ shows will serve as launch platforms for characters to catapult into MCU feature films, such as Ms. Marvel introducing audiences to Kamala Khan before she appears alongside Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel 2.

Similarly, WandaVision could be the launch point that sets Wanda Maximoff on her new MCU journey to becoming the Scarlett Witch, which could then be further explored on an even grander scale in a theatrical release of a Doctor Strange film. 

Hearing Olsen's kind words about director Sam Raimi is encouraging, and she surely isn't the only one happy to see him working on a Marvel movie again. Fans all over are ecstatic to see what Raimi brings to the table in the MCU, and Olsen's high praises of his methods are a great sign that Raimi will deliver big with Doctor Strange in the Mutliverse of Madness

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