Disney Delays D23 Expo, Potential Marvel & Star Wars Announcements Pushed Back One Year

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Kevin Feige, Taika Waititi

2020 has come with more than its fair share of despair and down moments, including a worldwide quarantine and the entire film industry going on a six-month hiatus. Delays for major movies and TV shows are still coming as well, even as everyday life slowly starts making its way back to normal.

This year also saw multiple huge events like Comic-Con either canceled or relegated to a digital platform while fans wait for things to be safe enough to gather in large crowds again.

Another of these delays has just come as well, officially pushing one of the most popular events for multiple fandoms even further away than anticipated.


In an official announcement on Twitter , next year’s D23 Expo from Disney has been pushed back to September 9-11, 2022, nearly two years from now.


As much as this announcement is sure to come as a downer for Disney fans from multiple fandoms, this does build a ton of hype and excitement for everything coming in 2022. Most notably, it'll mark as the year before the company's 100th year of existence, and the expo is sure to have major plans to celebrate Disney, its many expansions over the years, and its massive plans for the future.

In the 21st century alone, Disney has taken control of both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, both of which have huge release slates coming in the near future. Marvel Studios has at least 16 new projects coming between now and 2022, starting with WandaVision on Disney+ over Thanksgiving weekend 2020 and Black Widow releasing in theaters on May 7, 2021 . The next major Lucasfilm release will come with season 2 of The Mandalorian , scheduled for release next month .

Fans are now counting down the days until D23 2022, which will undoubtedly come with massive news from every division of Marvel and Star Wars to get the world cheering once again.

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