Deadpool 3 Gets Promising Filming Restart Update: When Will It Release?

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A new report revealed when Deadpool 3 could restart filming, possibly indicating when the MCU threequel will finally be released.

Ryan Reynolds' upcoming first foray into the Marvel Studios canon has hit a bit of a speed bump on the way to release. 

After the start of the actors' strike earlier this year, filming for the super-powered epic came to an abrupt halt

As job action has continued, Deadpool 3's May 3 release date has come into question, with Deadline's Anthony D'Alessandro reporting the film will have to move despite what Disney has to say

Deadpool 3 Gets Filming Update

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Deadpool 3 could restart filming in the next couple of months if the ongoing Hollywood actors' strike is resolved. 

Per Deadline, Disney is hoping to get production on the MCU blockbuster back up and running in January 2024; however, with each passing day that the actors' strike continues, that becomes less likely. 

Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy previously told Deadline they were "halfway through filming" before being shut down because of job action. 

Seeing as it took the Deadpool team two months to finish filming half the movie, one can assume it would take another two to finish it. 

That means if the film were to get back in front of cameras in January, the movie would likely wrap sometime in March 2024. 

When Will Deadpool 3 Release?

Given a push from the film's May 3 release date feels like an inevitability at this point, a January restart could indicate where Disney and Marvel Studios see the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman-led sequel landing in their 2024 release calendar.

If the movie were to wrap by the end of March next year, there is no way it would hit its currently slated release date given the amount of post-production work that needs to be done.

Some have hoped the film - if it were to get delayed - would slot into Captain America: Brave New World's July 26 release date, but even that might be wishful thinking on such a tight timeframe. 

There is a "long shot" Captain America 4 could potentially move up into Deadpool 3's May release, but Deadpool hitting Summer 2024 feels unlikely. 

If the movie were to start filming again in January 2024, fans should expect it to come out sometime in November 2024 or December 2024, giving it enough time for post-production work to happen. 

As it stands, Marvel Studios still has Thunderbolts dated for December 20, 2024, which could be the perfect spot to move Deadpool 3 to. This would bump Thunderbolts further down the calendar into 2025.

Deadpool 3 is currently set to release on May 3, 2024.

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