DC Studios’ New Logo Might’ve Just Accidentally Been Revealed (Photo)

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As DC Studios moves forward with its rebranding efforts under new co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, the first tease of the studio's new logo was teased.

Gunn and Safran are hard at work as the pair take on the next era of the DC Universe (DCU). Gunn even teased that they're attempting to tell "the Biggest Story Ever Told" across all mediums, bringing the quality and entertainment that fans have wanted for the past decade.

The two new DC leaders confirmed that they'll reveal more about these plans for the universe itself in early 2023, although there's much more work for them to do on top of the movies and shows themselves.

Now, it appears that fans have the first look at one of those extra steps thanks to imagery that will be heavily on display for many years to come under this new regime.

Harley Quinn producer Patrick Schumacker, via Twitter user @FlashFilmNews, posted a selfie with him wearing a hoodie that seemed to reveal a new logo for DC Studios, which was just rebranded under co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Patrick Schumacker

This logo reveal may have been premature, as Schumacher deleted his photo shortly after sharing it online.

This logo centers around the studio name, featuring six of DC's top heroes on the sides. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman stand tall on the left side while Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman are on the right.

The Direct Image
Logo recreation from @dcuverse

This image slightly alters key art from the New 52 run of DC Comics, swapping some of the hero's placements and omitting Cyborg from the team. Is this a sign of some of those story elements that will come into play in the new DC Universe?

DC Comics, Justice League
DC Comics

So What's Next for this New DC Studios?

While this logo doesn't tease a lot when it comes to the next steps for DC, it at least helps the studio start fresh with a new look thanks to this logo, which will almost certainly be used in front of every DC movie and show moving forward. James Gunn has already teased that this new phase will include a new Superman and even a rebooted take on Batman, and it's possible that the studio's biggest roles will all be recast as the new CEOs look to start from ground zero.

It's also interesting to see Cyborg's absence in this image, particularly considering the battle between former Cyborg star Ray Fisher and the old management at Warner Bros. over his time on the Justice League set. It's unclear whether this means Gunn and Peter Safran are avoiding Cyborg permanently or just for the time being, especially when Fisher hasn't commented on the new management the way he has with most stories from Warner Bros.' recent dealings.

Now, only time will tell when this new logo is officially revealed or used in a new movie, especially as four new projects are expected to hit the big screen in 2023.

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