Dark Matter Season 2: Will Apple TV+ Release More Episodes?

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As Dark Matter rounds out its first season on Apple TV+, the question of whether a potential Season 2 will be released looms over the mind-bending sci-fi epic. 

Led by Obi-Wan Kenobi star Joel Edgerton, Dark Matter brings to life Blake Crouch's (who also serves as showrunner of the series) 2016 novel of the same name. 

The series sees an American physicist accidentally warped to an alternate universe as he fights to get back to his family and the life he left behind. 

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How Likely Is Dark Matter Season 2?

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A second season of Dark Matter on Apple TV+ has not been announced, but fans are itching for it. Season 1 of the hit sci-fi series is set to finish on June 26.

The first season was based on Blake Crouch's 2016 novel of the same name, and since it was a standalone story when written, any follow-up would need to be an original tale rather than an adaptation. 

Another of Crouch's novels, Wayward Pines, was similarly adapted for TV in 2015. It also was a single-book effort by the author but was extended for television, with Season 2 telling a new story beyond the book. 

Season 2 of Wayward Pines was considered a significant downgrade from Season 1, which was far worse received.

So, if Dark Matter were to proceed with a second season, there is a risk that it would not receive the stellar critical reception that Season 1 did. 

One wildcard Dark Matter has that Wayward Pines did not, though, is Blake Crouch himself. Crouch (who wrote both Dark Matter and Wayward Pines novels) served as the showrunner on the Apple TV+ series. 

If Season 2 were to have an original story, it would already be on a more stable footing as it has the man behind the story the series is based on at the helm. 

What Could Happen in Dark Matter Season 2?

There has been no second Dark Matter novel, so a potential Season 2 is infinite and as undetermined as the vast expanse of the multiverse itself.

The book the show is based on sets up some interesting narrative threads to tug upon with its ending, should a second batch of episodes get greenlit. 

At the end of Blake Crouch's novel, Joel Edgerton's Jason takes his family to another universe, seemingly safe from the alternate version of the physicist who threatened them throughout Season 1.

If a Season 2 were to be announced, it could follow the family as they adjust to life in this new universe and the consequences of existing in an alternate reality from which they do not originate. 

Things in the book seem fine as the story ends, but are there any ramifications for this multiversal move by Jason and his family?

Surely, Crouch had some idea of where the reality-bending story could go following the end of the Dark Matter novel, and Season 2 could be the perfect place to explore that. 

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Dark Matter is streaming on Apple TV+. 

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