Who Is Damian Hardung? 4 Things to Know About Maxton Hall Actor

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Damian Hardung from Maxton Hall

Fans of Maxton Hall: The World Between Us on Amazon Prime Video may recognize Damian Hardung as James Beaufort and want to learn more about him outside of the fictional private school's walls.

Maxton Hall — a new six-episode series based on the German-language book Save Me by Mona Kasten — just debuted on Amazon Prime Video to much success. It hit No. 4 on the streaming service's watch rankings in the United States within 24 hours of its release.

The 25-year-old Hardung, who stands at 5'10'', plays James — a rich heir and classmate (turned lover) of scholarship student Ruby Bell.

4 Fun Facts About Damian Hardung

Damian Hardung plays James Beaufort on Amazon Prime Video's new series Maxton Hall: The World Between Us. But what else is there to know about him?

Hardung Was 13 When He Played His First Lead

Hardung played his first leading role at age 13, portraying Thomas in 2013's Clara and the Secret of the Bears.

Since then, he has several other film credits, including Rick in 2018's The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and Daniel Riffert in 2022's Buba.

In addition to his more-notable television credits, which will be discussed later, he has appeared in projects like 2019's The Name of the Rose, 2020's Spides, and 2023's Our Wonderful Years.

Hardung Can Speak in 5 Languages

Maxton Hall is an all-German series, but viewers may not know that German is not the only language Hardung can speak in.

While German is his native language, Hardung (via his Filmmakers profile) can also speak strong English. Even though it's not his native language, he lists it as the same skill level as his German.

He can also speak French, Italian, and Mandarin to varying degrees, and he can use both American-Standard and English-Standard dialects too.

Still, arguably his two most notable projects (at an international level) are both German shows: Maxton Hall and the 2019-2020 Netflix series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).

Hardung Has Won Awards for His Acting

From 2015 to 2017 — and again in 2019 for a prequel movie — Hardung played Jonas in the German show Red Bracelets (Club der roten Bänder in German).

In 2019 Hardung won the Golden Wolf Ring award at the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival for playing Jonas in the prequel Red Bracelets: The Beginning. He was also nominated for the Best Young Actor Günter Strack TV Award in 2016.

The show as a whole won several other awards, including Best Cast at the German Screen Actors Awards in 2016.

Hardung Plays Many Sports

Hardung is very athletic and is experienced in a wide range of sports and sports-adjacent skills.

According to his resume, he knows Aikido and a version of diving. He can Alpine ski, skateboard, snowboard and lift weights, and he plays basketball, frisbee, soccer, and tennis.

On top of this, Hardung has a motorcycle license. While riding a motorcycle is not a sport, it still takes skill and training to do it safely.

All six episodes of Maxton Hall: The World Between Us are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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