Maxton Hall Book's English Translation Prospects Addressed by Author

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Author Mona Kasten commented on the status of an English translation of the book Save Me, which inspired the recent Amazon Prime Video series Maxton Hall.

Save Me is the first of three novels, seemingly collectively called the Maxton Hall books. The books and the show both take place at the titular Maxton Hall private school, following Ruby Bell's journey of romance and secrecy.

Both takes on Maxton Hall are entirely in German, but English speakers can watch the new six-episode series either dubbed in English or in its original language with English subtitles.

This has allowed the story to reach an even wider audience, as the original book does not have an English translation published yet.

Maxton Hall Author Comments on English Translation

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Maxton Hall

In an April Instagram comment, Maxton Hall series author Mona Kasten spoke on the possibility of an English translation of Save Me — something many fans likely want to read following its recent Amazon Prime Video adaptation.

On April 15, Kasten shared a poster for the new series on Instagram, excited to see her "book babies" adapted onscreen.

One commenter asked Kasten how to "read the book in English." Kasten explained that "there’s no English translation yet," but that there is a possibility that "a publisher will pick it up in the future:"

Fan: "How do I read the book in English"

Kasten: "Unfortunately there's no English translation yet. But maybe a publisher will pick it up in the future!"

Will Maxton Hall Books Be Translated Into English?

Given the success of the Maxton Hall television adaptation, an English translation of Save Me feels imminent.

Maxton Hall hit No. 4 on Amazon Prime Video's watch rankings in the United States in its first 24 hours of streaming, and fans were asking for an English version before the series even premiered. The comment asking about the translation and response from Kasten both came a couple of weeks before Maxton Hall's debut.

Save Me was first published in its original German in 2018, but will likely see renewed interest following the adaptation.

This renewed interest in the Maxton Hall story may be enough of a push to convince a publisher to release an official English translation, expanding the original story's audience even more.

All six episodes of Maxton Hall are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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