Full Cast of Couples Therapy Season 4: Meet the Real People In New Episodes (Photos)

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Couples Therapy cast members

Renowned psychologist Orna Guralnik helps four new couples navigate various issues in Couples Therapy Season 4. 

The hit Showtime docuseries follows the story of a polyamorous trio trying to find out the right balance of power among them, newlyweds struggling to balance religion and sex, a young couple adjusting to living together for their child, and a man dealing with multiple identities. 

Couples Therapy Season 4 premiered on Showtime and Paramount+ on May 31. 

Every Main Couple & Host Who Appears in Couples Therapy Season 4


Orna Guralnik

Orna Guralnik in Couples Therapy Season 4
Orna Guralnik

Instagram: @ornaguralnik

Orna Guralnik leads the cast of Couples Therapy Season 4 as the head psychologist spearheading the sessions in the docuseries. She has been the series' mainstay ever since its inception.

In the series, Guralnik and the couples meet in weekly one-hour sessions for 15 to 20 weeks, with Couple Therapy editors compressing them into nine half-hour episodes. 

Dr. Guralnik, who is also a psychoanalyst in New York City, serves as a member of the faculty at New York University's (NYU) PostDoctoral Institute for Psychoanalysis and at the National Institute for Psychotherapies. 

Guralnik's other accolades include being part of the editorial board of Psychoanalytic Dialogues and of Studies in Gender & Sexuality and serving as co-founder of the Center for the Study of Dissociation and Depersonalization at the Mount Sinai Medical School. 


Rex and Joey

Rex and Joey in Couples Therapy Season 4, Episode 1
Rex and Joey

Rex and Joey are newlyweds whose main problems involve Joey's conservative religious background that dampens their sexual needs and her hateful mother. 

In Episode 1, Rex and Joey, who have been married for 10 months, tell their story about having a hidden relationship for six years because Joey's family is Christian, stating that it was "non-negotiable" that her partner should also have the same religion (Rex is atheist). 

Joey points out that her mother's feelings give her a sense of doubt over her marriage with Rex. Her husband, meanwhile, says that he's unaffected but Joey thinks that he might explode with emotions down the line. 

Eliana and Mitch

Eliana and Mitch in Couples Therapy Season 4 Episode 1
Eliana and Mitch

Eliana and Mitch have been together for six years, but they are living separately despite having a kid. Mitch lives with his mother while Eliana is together with her son. 

Eliana admits that she feels like a "rental wife" due to their setup. Mitch usually visits on Wednesdays and becomes a husband to Eliana but he ends up leaving on Friday mornings.

But, did they live together before? The answer is yes. 

Eliana and Mitch tried to stay together in the same house, but they didn't get along. 

Whenever they had arguments in the past, Mitch noted that Eliana kept attacking him instead of the issue, which eventually took a toll on their relationship. 

Josh, Aryn, & Lorena

Josh, Aryn, & Lorena in Couples Therapy Season 4 Episode 1
Josh, Aryn, & Lorena

Josh, Aryn, and Lorena make Couples Therapy history as the show's first trio involved in a polyamorous relationship. 

Josh and Aryn have been together for eight years after initially meeting on Bumble. 

While Aryn and Lorena are in a relationship with Josh, they admit that they also see other people due to their polyamorous status. 

At the center of the trio's issue is whose needs and feelings are set to be prioritized, mainly because Josh's attention and care are not equal. 

They also talk about what is in store for them in the future and the next big steps in their unique relationship. 

Casimar and Alexes

Casimar and Alexes in Couples Therapy Season 4, Episode 1
Casimar and Alexes

Six-year couple Casimar and Alexes mutually want to stop one thing that ruins their relationship: fighting. 

The pair tells Dr. Guralnik about their shared childhood traumas and how that creeps into their relationship. 

Casimar and Alexes' relationship had its fair share of ups and downs. They have a phase when they are the ideal couple, but there are also times when they are the worst versions of themselves. 

New episodes of Couples Therapy Season 4 premiere every Friday for Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers at 12 midnight PT/ 3 a.m. ET. 

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