Who Is Constance Nunes? 5 Things to Know About Gotham Garage Mechanic from Car Masters

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Constance Nunes Car Masters

Constance Nunes takes the spotlight as the only woman cast member in Netflix's Car Masters: Rust to Riches

The Gotham Garage engine specialist returns in the latest edition of Car Masters as she showcases her expertise to cement her status as one of the best in today's automotive restoration and overhaul industry.

5 Things to Know About Gotham Garage Mechanic Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes
Constance Nunes

Constance’s Pride and Joy is Her Restored Ford ‘Babystang’

Constance Nunes' passion for cars is undeniable, and the expert mechanic has been vocal about the car that she's most proud of: the "Babystang."

The "Babystang" is a Ford Mustang that she rebuilt with a new color and build. 

The 5'7 part-time model spoke with HotCars in November 2023 about the "Babystang," noting that the car was "built to inspire enthusiasts of every skill level to keep their classics on the road."

Nunes said that her "Babystang" features all the original parts of the 1964.5 Ford Mustang, which includes a straight-6 engine. She has been the car's daily driver for the past 19 years. 

The mechanic's passion for cars carried over into Babystang's overall welfare, mainly because all factory parts are kept in their original condition and newly-minted restoration parts are exclusively from Classic Industries.

In her post on Instagram, Nunes reflected on her journey to rebuild her dream car, admitting that her "sole goal" is to build a "totally achievable car."

While the "Babystang" has its quirks, the 34-year-old Los Angeles native pointed out that she "purposely didn't fix [them]" since it served as a "reminder of [her] history" with her car. 

Constance Nunes is a Professional Racecar Driver

Aside from being an expert mechanic and a part-time model, Constance Nunes is also a professional racecar driver. 

The Gotham Garage specialist was previously involved as a professional driver in high-octane races, such as the Targa Trophy and The Gumball 3000 Rally. 

In 2019's Gumball 300 Rally, however, Nunes had to pull out of the race prematurely due to an accident involving their Hot Wheels Range Rover SVR in Greece.

In her post on Instagram in June 2019, the female mechanic reflected on the incident, noting that "it's a great reminder to always be safe while on the road."

Constance Teamed Up With Cyberpunk 2077 to Build a Car

Constance Nunes' interest in cars even crossed over to the video game realm. 

While Nunes has worked on several car builds in the past (such as with Rockstar Energy drinks), a memorable entry to her impressive resume is her collaboration with Cyberpunk 2077

Rockstar Games partnered with Nunes to create a "Quadra" Mustang in real life, which is modeled after the in-game "Quadra Type-66."

Aside from its custom badges and bright fog lights, the "Quadra" also has an identical custom-made grille to replicate the Cyberpunk-like feel of the in-game model. 

The car also has a computer-controlled management system and a lightweight carbon fiber body part.

Interestingly, Nunes also had a similar collaboration with Halo: Infinite in December 2021. In the promo, a custom Master Chief Jeep Gladiator became part of a holiday giveaway. 

Constance Owns a Muscle Car Restoration Business

Constance Nunes is a proud owner of a muscle car restoration business named Cars by Constance which operates out of Murietta, California. 

Nunes' main focus is building and restoring classic American muscle cars and hot rods, specializing in 60's era Ford Mustangs.

However, the shop's social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) have had no recent updates since June 2022. 

Constance Is a Dog Mom

Aside from being a pro in car builds and restoration, Constance Nunes' softer side is anchored by her love for dogs. 

Nunes has two huskies, named Buff and Ranger. The pair of adorable dogs have been front and center in some of Nunes' posts on Instagram and X

Where Can Fans Follow Constance Nunes?

Fans can catch more of Constance Nunes on her Instagram (@constance_nunes) and X (@constance_nunes). 

Car Masters: Rust to Riches is now streaming on Netflix.

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